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jgalarza2 | Computer and Hacking Forensics | Module 6 – Computer Forensics Labs

By: jgalarza2 | Related Course: Computer Hacking and Forensics | Published: November 4, 2017 | Modified: November 4, 2017
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NotepadComputer Forensics Labs FileViewer Lab (part 2)

Computer Forensics Labs FileViewer Lab (part 2)
This lab introduces you to FileViewer, a basic software tool for finding and identifying files of similar format and even find files where the name of the file is unknown.
You’ll learn how this tools is key for empower file organization, rating, indexing, and using in conjunction with other tools such as FTP. FileViewer finds and locates every type of file currently in existence.

NotepadComputer Forensics Labs Paraben P2 Explorer Lab

Computer Forensics Labs Paraben P2 Explorer Lab
This lab introduces you to the P2 Explorer, a freeware tool that examines hard disk images. This tool is used for examining single or multiple computers, cell phones, network systems, any hard drive system.
The lab demonstrates the installation, configuration and then shows you how to use it and shows you what information is displayed. It’s an excellent tool for visually displaying detailed information in summary format of all the devices connected to your network, well beyond what the basic Windows Explore display provides.

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