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jgalarza2 | Computer and Hacking Forensics | Module 11 – Access Data

By: jgalarza2 | Related Course: Computer Hacking and Forensics | Published: November 6, 2017 | Modified: November 6, 2017
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NotepadAccess Data File Tool Kit (FTK)

Welcome to Module 11 of the Computer Hacking and Forensics course, Access Data. This module introduces the Access Data File Tool Kit (FTK). This lab discusses in detail the Access Data File Tool Kit (FTK), in terms of its setup, how to install, the various versions/licensing options and single vs. multiple deployments for the back and front end setup.
You’ll learn the benefits of navigation thru the tool and getting a feel for all its options and what’s available on each tab, and other navigation components.
Then we’ll discuss the importance of case setup and case management in terms of importing evidence, evidence options, filters, reporting, and the value of hands-on experience.
The hands on demonstrations you’ll engage as part of the Access Data FTK module include the following labs:
Introduction Lab
Report Lab
Tools Menu Lab
Graphics Overview Lab

NotepadAccess Data FTK

Our first lab of the Access Data FTK module is a basic introduction to the Access Data File Tool Kit. We’ll discuss and review examples of basics for exams you may take on the Access Data FTK using sample course materials.
Topics reviewed as essential course content include Case Management, how to find an FTK course outline using Google, which search results to use, what you’ll find, what you need to know and how to study to become cert ready.
You’ll review a boot camp site which nicely outlines all the critical pieces of what you’ll need to know both in terms of software, course content, course dates, types of materials, industry specific training information and what would be valuable to you to capture.

NotepadAccess Data FTK

This lab provides a demonstration on how to tie everything together, it’s the Report Lab for of the Access Data FTK module.
You’ll learn how to launch and use the report wizard, what components you should include, how to use certain wizard feature, how to customized and what you should customize, and how to incorporate all your actual forensic resources, finding, primary and supplementary files, the file properties of your files, and display them to generate a really cohesive case report.
And lastly, you’ll also learn to verify the integrity of your report, summarize it and how to include/reference your case log and discuss why its critically important to your forensic analysis work.

NotepadAccess Data FTK Graphics Overview Lab

This lab discuss in depth the benefits of using graphics tabs within the Access Data FTK, as well as how to use and identify the graphics images, change file extensions when needed.
The graphics tools for the FTK deals with layers 6 and 7 of the OSI model, so you’ll observe a demonstration and learn why image use and its correct reference is really critical to both case management as well as your case reporting.

NotepadAccess Data FTK tools

This lab explores and discuss the basics of the Tools Menu, and why an intimate understanding and knowledge of the of the Access Data FTK tools menu is critical.
For example, you’ll learn where you utilize file encryption, import hash, detect known file formats, verify image integrity and use the appropriate utilities, data carving for finding data trends, and a host of other tool menu components you’ll need at the ready and need to perform effectively.

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