Cisco CCNA Notes

By: grieger | Related Course: Cisco CCNA
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Module 1 - Introduction (Click to View Notes)

OSI=Open Systems InterconnectOSI is made up of 7 layers1) Physical (field)2)Data (headend)3)Network (headend)4)Transport (headend)5)Session (programmers)6) Presentation (programmers)7)Application (some headend) [view]

Module 2 - Layer 1 Physical (Click to View Notes)

Physical layers are things you can touch. these consists of 1)cable, 2)repeaters and 3)hubs. The cable is x_base_t where x is the speed per second, base is the baseband signal where there is only one signal on the wire at a time and t means it is a [view]

Module 3 - Layer 2 Data Link (Click to View Notes)

(Switch#show vlan) + enter to show VLAN database.(Switch#show vlan brief) + enter to show VLAN brief summaryTo create VLAN 100 with the old method (Switch#vlan ?) + enter. By entering the ? it will tell you to type database (Switch#vlan database) + e [view]

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