Advanced Penetration Testing Notes

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Module 1 - Linux (Click to View Notes)

to create filetouch myfile to make directory typemkdircp --> copy commandmv -- to move filerm -- remove filewill create text with hi aliecho hi ali > myfilecat myfile ---> view textyou will add 2 text no rewriteecho hi ali >> my filet [view]

Module 10 - Post Exploitation (Click to View Notes)

load incognitolist_tokens -u will give you list of login users you can be admin by typing impersonate_token domainname\Administrator in shellgreate domain admin net user ali 1234 /add /domainnet groups "Domain Admins" ali /add /domain  [view]

Module 11 - WebApps (Click to View Notes)

its about how to run script.alart(""); [view]

Module 12 - Exploit Development (Click to View Notes)

NOP = No operation go to next instruction   [view]

Module 13 - Smartphone Pentest Framework (Click to View Notes)

smartphone-pentest-framework/frameworkconsole [view]

Module 3 - Metasploit (Click to View Notes)


Module 5 - Vulnerability Discovery/Scanning (Click to View Notes)

tools cadaver --> webapplication cadaver - GUI tool ------------nikto -- tool for website info gathering    [view]

Module 7 - Exploitation (Click to View Notes)

showmount -e [view]

Module 8 - Passwords (Click to View Notes)

oclhashcathashcat --help to change mode cd /usr/share/hashcatlscd /usr/share/wordlists/unzipe big file worldlistsgunzip rockyou.txt.gzm=modehashcat -m 1000 destkup/windows7hashes.txt -o win7cracked.txt /usr/share/wordlists/rockyou.txt then it will [view]

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