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frostyfrost | CompTIA A+ | Module 1.5 - Install and Configure Storage Devices

By: frostyfrost | Related Course: CompTIA A+ | Published: June 15, 2016 | Modified: June 18, 2016
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NotepadExternal Storage devices.

USB speeds
USB 1.0-12Mbps
USB 2.0- 480MBps
USB 3.0-5Gbps
Firewire connector
IEEE 1394a- 400Mbps
IEEE 1394b- 800Mbps
ESATA. (SATA stands for Serial Advanced Technology Attachment)
SATA1- 1,5Gbps
SATA2- 3Gbps
SATA3- 6Gbps
Fast Ethernet- 100Mbps
Giga Ethernet- 1000Mbps

To update from Fast to Giga you need to switch out the port on the computer, the cable and a port on the server.

NotepadFlash Memory

Flash memory is a chip of memory that can keep information without having a charge to it. 
Flash memory comes in different forms such as an: 
1.USB drive
2.Compact Flashes(used in high end cameras, older cameras etc)
3.SD cards(Small cameras)
4.Mini-SD(Cameras, phones)
6. XD card (Older cameras)

NotepadFloppy Drives and Tape Drives

When the data is compressed then we can store:
LTO ultrum 5th- 3tb
Comes in handy when u have to back up a server.

NotepadHard Disk Drives

Opening  a hard disk drive up in normal conditions(physically) will ruin it.
Common hard disk speeds are 5400 rpm, 7200, 10000, 15000 rpm.
The hard disk can experience a ”head crash”. Its when the spindle what is slightly above the drive itself comes to contact with the drive and starts scratching it, effectively ruining it in the process.

NotepadInternal connection devices

SATA cables are also used inside the computer.
PATA-Older version of the SATA cable.(its either running on 100Mbps or 133Mbps)
SCSI(Small computer system interface).Divides into Narrow(40mbps-7devices)and Wide(320mbps-15devices)

Floppy – 1Mbps

NotepadOptical devices.

Optical devices(disks).
CD+R(data can be written and read on the disk but the data cant be re-written)
CD-R(data can be written and read on the disk but the data cant be re-written)
CD+RW(Data can be written and read, and the data can also be re-written)
CD-RW(Data can be written and read, and the data can also be re-written)
DVD-ROM(ROM stands for read-only memory, cant be written onto, only read.
DVD-R(Same as CD-R)
DVD-RW(same as CD-RW)
SL(single layer)- 4.7gb
DL(double layer)-8.4gb
BD-R(Blue-ray disk) == up to 25gb of data.
BD-RE== 50gb




RAID stands for Redundant Array Independent Disks and it allows us to have faster R/W speeds and more security in our data.
RAID0- Striping(2 drives that we can write to at the same time). The downside to it is that we cant have a backup for that information. When one of the drives should fail the other drives information will be incomplete.
RAID1- mirroring(will still need 2 drives) The 2 drives will be mirrors of eachother meaning that one of the drives will contain the exact same information as the other, so if one of the drives should fail we would still have a backup of the information on the other drive.
RAID10-Striping and mirroring(atleast 4 drives)The drives work in pairs. The individual pairs will be striping one another but the pairs are actually mirrors of eachother. Providing speed and backup.
Raid5- Pairity(3 drives) There will be striping going on on each one of the drives. Meaning that 2 of the drives will be writing something and the last drive will contain a backup of those files.

NotepadSerial and Parallel

Serial meaning that the cable will be sending data from the device to the comp 1 bit at a time.
Parallel will be sending 2 bits of data at a time. One moving foward and the other one moving back. The Parallel is worse because it contaminates the fields and causes cross talk and interference.

NotepadSolid State Drive(SSD)

SSD has no moving parts, meaning its much smaller and there is no need to worry about RPM, so the drive can read/write data extremely fast. SSD-s are much more expensive. SSD-s are the future.

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