Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking (Archive) Notes

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Module 02 - Footprinting (Click to View Notes)

Change the bytes of the data to trigger replies versus the replies being ignored. This is a ping test on WINDOWS, NOT Linux. [view]

Module 03 - Scanning (Click to View Notes)

nslookup from attacker machinecheck on victim machine if its correctns lookup on windows, you can set type of query to "mx". Double check the queries between both the attacker machine and victim to match the authority rcords.refresh, retryt, expire, [view]

Module 04 - Enumeration (Click to View Notes)

NTP = TIming componentSMB = server message boxDNS = domain nameSMTP = emailSNMP = simple network management protocolPUB (SMTP) = wealth of information, management informatonconsier VNC if other ports are not open [view]

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