Computer and Hacking Forensics Notes



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Modern Forensics

Evolution of Forensics 1822-1911: Fingerprints(Galton) 1887-1954: Blood grouping(Lattes) 1891-1955: Firearms(Goddard) 1858-1946: Documentation(Osborn) 1847-1915: Criminal Investigation(Gross) 1932: FBI 1984- Computer Analysis/Response team 1993-1st [view]

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Hard Disks and File Systems

Types disk network DB others disk drives internal external ”compare info” speed xfr time capacity physical structure track density arial density logical structures FAT, FAT32 NTFS EXT2, EXT3… EFS, JFS, Reiser, etc cd [view]

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bxqb [view]

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recover my file   [view]

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computer forensics lab

planning a lab budget items physical location  environmental conditions tempest/emsec fire codes restricting access licensing electrical requirements work area separation HR auditing hardware/hard drive considerations  mobile lab consideration [view]

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Process : 1.Identification of Evidence 2.Preserve till it is useful 3. Extract and interpret the evidence 4. Document the evidence 5. Present   MD5/SHA : Comparison to overview the safety of the evidence.   Necessity of Evidence : Whole: Evidence m [view]

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First Responder

Who is it? individual or team role what will each person do at the crime scene expertise w/ evidence toolkit commercial/open source procedures securing the crime scene conducting interviews checklists interviews documentation of the crim [view]

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Data Acquisition

Acquisition= To acquire-Acquire evidence of some sort Tools used to acquire data:– Drive Spy– FTK Imager (Similar to nCase tool)– DD Command (Linux command to make copies of data/files) [view]

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investigative process

we need  rules and laws preparation of workplace and build a team the process search warrant secure the scene collect evidence secure evidence acquire data analyze data document and report [view]

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