Computer and Hacking Forensics Notes

1822 1911 fingerprints

DNA firearm documentation fbi computer conference evidence preserve no change manipulate soponsimum [view]

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I wonder


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Legal Rules for Forensics

18 USC 1361 Malicious Mischef 18 USC 1029 Fraud Access Dev 18 USC 1030 Fraud Computers Rule 402 Admissible evidence Rule 502 Attorney client priv. Process Assess Acquire Analyze Management Report Court 1. Search Warrant-Entire Company or Device=sco [view]

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Forensics overview

Main modules and other extra modules which has not been given much attention [view]

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autopsy sleuthkit lab

Sleuthkit  install this via command prompt.  Don’t have to turn off javascript… specifically if you’re in an isolated environment.  have to create the case and list the name and pertinent details.  There is a timeskew option to [view]

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Data Acquisition

acquisition: to acquire typically working with hard drives among other types of mediums (logical).  Ex- Serial cable or USB.  Tools: Drive spy, FTK imager, DD Command [open source]  need to know some linux. download ISOs either on computer or via [view]

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Total Commander Lab

disable phishing and malware protection in order to download this is a shareware program. Can buy later. compare two source and destination directories.  this is only a file comparison tool. nothing more or less.  [view]

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Computer hacking forensics

Certified [view]

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investigative process

18usc 1361 malicious mischief 18usc 1029 fraud access dev. 18usc 1029 fraud computers rule 402 admissible evidence rule 901 id & authentication rule 608 conduct of witness rule 609 impeachment of evidence rule 502 attorney client priv. rule 614 i [view]

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