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Modern Forensics Notes - Amos

Evolution of forensics: Fingerprints Blood grouping Firearms Documentation Criminal investigation process FBI Computer Analysis/Response Team (became mainstream) 1st international conference IOCE (International Organization on Computer Evidence) For [view]

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Chap 1

1822-1911   finger prints (Galton) 1887-1954  blood grouping (Lattes) 1891-1955   firearms (Goddard) 1858-1946  documentation (Osborn) 1847 1915    criminar investigation (Gross) 1932             fbi 1984             Computer an [view]

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Chapter 1

Chapter One Identification Preservation Extraction Interpretation Documentation Presentation Evidence Whole Admissable Accurate Authentic Acceptable   [view]

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Investigative process

Laws:  18 USC:    1361 – Malicious mischief    1027 – Fraud Access Devices    1030 – Fraud -computers RULES:   402:  Admissibility of evidence    901:  ID and authentication    608:  Conduct of witness    609:  Im [view]

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Modern Forensics

Internal and External Types of attack: ’ clickjacking – hijacking clicks on the net, redirecting to fraudulent link   extortion   investment fraud   software/copyright piracy   DOS   auction fraud   email bombs, spam, hoaxes   iden [view]

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Introduction Notes

microsoft learns about OScisco – NetworkingModern forensic – first fingerprint/modern application etcinvesgiateive process – incident handlingsearch and seizedigital evidnecefirst responders – who got to the crime scene first, [view]

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modern forensics note

Types of attack : External and Internal Attack   Study of forensics is using any source of physical sciences to find the truth.   Ultimately we want to preserve evidence until we can do something about it. -> Avoid contamination.    Process  [view]

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Forensic Overview

Speaker: Leo Drieger Ties in Microsoft Certifications, Cisco Certifications, Open Source Certifications, Investigation Certifications together. Informational Modules; Modern Forensics Investigating Process Searching & Seizing Digital Evidence Fir [view]

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Tutorial 1

External attacks and Internal attacks Avoid contamination Process identification presentation extraction interpretation documentation presentation Evidence whole admissible accurate authentic acceptable Types Identity theft Virus & worms mal [view]

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PC inspector file recovery LAB

*Not compatible with windows 7/8/10. Use on windows XP on virtual box. **Using Recuva version 1.53.1087 Download PC inspector file recovery. With this program, we can recover & see deleted files, lost data,etc. We can also recover formatted data. [view]

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