Computer and Hacking Forensics Notes


swgde [view]

By: rowanjoseph | Related Lesson: 1.1 Computer Forensics Today Part 1 (FI) | Modified: May 19, 2019

Email softeare

ProDiscover [view]

By: Fazly Omar | Related Lesson: 12.2 Email Investigation Part 2 (FI) | Modified: April 23, 2019

raid notes

raid 0: one striped disk. no redundancy raid 1: copied disks. mirrored disks raid 2: no parity. splits data at the bit level and distributes to multiple disks. raid 3: byte stripping. raid 5: requires 3 drives minimum. raid 10: mirror + striping. 4 d [view]

By: wilsonator1276 | Related Lesson: 3.5 Hard Disks and File Systems Part 5 (FI) | Modified: March 21, 2019

Federal Rules of Evidence

Rule103,105 [view]

By: dbaylin37 | Related Lesson: 1.3 Computer Forensics Today Part 3 (FI) | Modified: March 18, 2019


bookmark [view]

By: Vihor | Related Lesson: 3.6 Hard Disks and File Systems Part 6 (FI) | Modified: March 14, 2019


hashcalc [view]

By: slink101 | Related Lesson: 1.4 Analyze Photos Lab Part 1 (FI) | Modified: March 9, 2019


I am beginner…. [view]

By: vasudevan6555 | Related Lesson: 15.1 Course Summary (FI) | Modified: February 24, 2019


test1 [view]

By: yamilyrealty | Related Lesson: 1.2 Computer Forensics Today Part 2 (FI) | Modified: February 17, 2019



By: praka0007 | Related Lesson: 1.1 Computer Forensics Today Part 1 (FI) | Modified: February 17, 2019

Computer hacking

Hackers [view]

By: samzyope | Related Lesson: 1.0 Course Introduction (FI) | Modified: February 7, 2019

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