CompTIA Security+ Notes


Firewalls are hosts to filter traffic. Incoming traffic and outgoing [view]

By: harrisonax1 | Related Lesson: Firewalls | Modified: October 30, 2019


How many public addresses can a proxy have? Can client-proxy connection use dhcp to assign address to client [view]

By: tiguid22 | Related Lesson: Proxies | Modified: September 11, 2019


HHD [view]

By: | Related Lesson: Network Design Elements and Components | Modified: September 11, 2019


understand [view]

By: shweta_r | Related Lesson: Network Administration Principles | Modified: September 7, 2019

IP range

class A [view]

By: nidu | Related Lesson: TCP .IP Internet Protocol | Modified: September 1, 2019

demilitarized zones


By: shweta_r | Related Lesson: Firewalls | Modified: August 25, 2019

firewall types

Packet inspection, stateful, application filter [view]

By: mudit94 | Related Lesson: Firewalls | Modified: August 10, 2019


definitions. firewalls are software or hard wards device to filter traffic on the the net work. [view]

By: jloblanche | Related Lesson: Firewalls | Modified: August 4, 2019


Software or hardware in our networks [view]

By: mkhan621 | Related Lesson: Firewalls | Modified: July 30, 2019

subnet mask

know IP address, network Id and host id. [view]

By: dadadoc | Related Lesson: Subnet Mask | Modified: July 19, 2019

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