CompTIA A+ Notes

floppy drives

floppy disks DSDD – 720 kb DSHD – 1.44 mb DSED – 2.88 mb tape drives Travan – 40 gb DDS – 72 gb SLR – 140 gb VXA – 320 gb AIT – 800 gb DLT – 1.6 tb LTO Ultrum 5th – 3tb [view]

By: benn22 | Related Lesson: Floppy Drives & Tape Drives | Modified: June 13, 2016

flash memory

Compact Flash – for cameras SD Mini SD Micro SD XD [view]

By: benn22 | Related Lesson: Flash Memory | Modified: June 13, 2016


SSD – Solid State Drive [view]

By: benn22 | Related Lesson: Solid State Drives | Modified: June 13, 2016

BIOS: Component Informations

The CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) Memory works with BIOS. CMOS Memory retains changes made in computer. The CMOS Battery is a round battery that gives constant support and power to the CMOS. If computer losses time/date or others, t [view]

By: olaf | Related Lesson: BIOS: Component Information | Modified: July 19, 2017


RAID – Redundant Array of Independent Disks RAID 0 – Striping two independent hard drives writing simultaneously no back-up speed but no redundancy RAID 1 – Mirroring exact copy of data in two drives redundancy but not speed RAID 10 [view]

By: benn22 | Related Lesson: RAID | Modified: June 13, 2016


PGA: pins on the cpu   [view]

By: lokoj12 | Related Lesson: AMD Socket Types | Modified: June 13, 2016

bios diag

POST – Power on Self Test [view]

By: benn22 | Related Lesson: Diagnostics | Modified: June 13, 2016

bios components

CMOS Battery – Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor F2 key to get to the BIOS settings BIOS – Basic Input Output System [view]

By: benn22 | Related Lesson: BIOS: Component Information | Modified: June 13, 2016

BIOS Configs

WOL – Wake On Land [view]

By: benn22 | Related Lesson: Configurations | Modified: June 13, 2016

BIOS - Basic Input Output System

The BIOS is a small chip on the motherboard that loads FIRMWARE. Firmware is a single piece of software that directly controls the piece of hardware. STEPS TO UPDATE FIRMWARE/BIOS Determine Current Version of the BIOS : Run msinfo32, and dxdiag Find [view]

By: olaf | Related Lesson: BIOS - Basic Input Output System | Modified: July 19, 2017

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