CompTIA A+ Notes

BIOS - Basic Input Output System

The BIOS is a small chip on the motherboard that loads FIRMWARE. Firmware is a single piece of software that directly controls the piece of hardware. STEPS TO UPDATE FIRMWARE/BIOS Determine Current Version of the BIOS : Run msinfo32, and dxdiag Find [view]

By: olaf | Related Lesson: BIOS - Basic Input Output System | Modified: July 19, 2017

POST - Power On Self Test

1. CPU and BIOS ROM 2. System Timer 3. Video Card 4. Memory 5. Keyboard 6. Disk Drives a problem is alerted by a beep or series of beeps telling the component failure state.   [view]

By: rarepulse | Related Lesson: Diagnostics | Modified: June 13, 2016


Wake on Lan – Remote access to wake up computer even if turned off. [view]

By: rarepulse | Related Lesson: Configurations | Modified: June 13, 2016

Pata & Sata

Pata devices, 40 pin Cables 80 wire cable with 40 pins, [view]

By: supernova2020 | Related Lesson: PATA & SATA | Modified: June 13, 2016


CD/DVD+R = Read Only CD/DVD+RW = Read/Write   [view]

By: lokoj12 | Related Lesson: Install & Configure Storage | Modified: June 13, 2016


type A – 19 pin – 1080p type B – 29 pin – 3840×2400 type C – 19 pin – mini hdmi type D – 19 pin – micro hdmi [view]

By: benn22 | Related Lesson: HDMI Cables | Modified: June 13, 2016


RJ-11 – Regisitered Jack 11 6 pins [view]

By: benn22 | Related Lesson: RJ-11 Cable | Modified: June 13, 2016


TCP 20 bytes header size connection oriented error checking three-way handshake [view]

By: benn22 | Related Lesson: Communications Protocols: TCP | Modified: June 13, 2016


UDP – User Datagram Protocol TCP – Transmission Control Protocol UDP has 8 bytes (64 bit) header UDP is connectionless DNS – Domain Name Service [view]

By: benn22 | Related Lesson: Communications Protocols: UDP | Modified: June 13, 2016


north bridge connects to memory, GPU and south bridge (close to CPU) south bridge connects to PCI slots and I/O ports CMOS store memory changes to the BIOS [view]

By: benn22 | Related Lesson: Chipsets - North Bridge, South Bridge & CMOS | Modified: June 13, 2016

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