CompTIA A+ Notes


CRT – Cathode Ray Tubes (Terminals) [view]

By: benn22 | Related Lesson: CRT - Cathode Ray Terminals | Modified: June 14, 2016

SATA & PATA conns

SATA – Serial Adavancement Technology Attachment SATA – 7 pin data / 15 pin power SATA1 – 1.5 gb/s SATA2 – 3.0 gb/s SATA3 – 6.0 gb/s eSATA – 3.0 gb/s PATA – Parallel Advance Technology Attachment PATA / IDE & [view]

By: benn22 | Related Lesson: Device Connectors: SATA & PATA | Modified: June 14, 2016

fiber optics

SC – Standard Connector (square conn) LC – Local Connector (square) ST – Straight Tip (straight) FC – Fiber Channel (round) [view]

By: benn22 | Related Lesson: Fiber Cables - Backbones | Modified: June 14, 2016

power conns

20/24 pin power connector SATA 15 pin connector Molex 4 pin connector [view]

By: benn22 | Related Lesson: 20/24 Pin, SATA, & Molex Connectors | Modified: June 14, 2016

TCP/IP Configurations IPV6 Unicast Addresses

IPV6 address link local starts with FE8, FE9 FEA.FEB IPV6 Unicast site local FEC,FED,FEE,FEF IPV6 unique local FCO,FDO IPV6 Global unicast routable           [view]

By: geno56 | Related Lesson: TCP/IP Configurations IPV6 Unicast Addresses | Modified: June 14, 2016


To check the name and type of bios go to command prompt and type… msinfo32/dxdiag [view]

By: michael456 | Related Lesson: BIOS - Basic Input Output System | Modified: June 14, 2016

Power Supply and connectors

AC TO DC  400w or greater wall socket voltage: US/Noth america – 110-120v/60hz Europe/Asia – 220-240v/50hz power supply wire connection colour codes Yellow- 12v(white) Black-GND Red-5V Orange- 3.3V White- -5V   [view]

By: nayakar | Related Lesson: Power Supply & Wire Colors | Modified: June 14, 2016


cpu sockets pdip pga lga contact plastic   [view]

By: romyrue | Related Lesson: CPU Sockets | Modified: June 14, 2016


buses send information back and forth thus allowing communication between components of a computer adress bus data bus expansion bus [view]

By: romyrue | Related Lesson: Buses | Modified: June 14, 2016

SSD = Solid State Drives

SSD are faster and more Stable but more expensive. ***Do not defrag a solid state drive since that would be more likely to cause the drives failure. [view]

By: learner2 | Related Lesson: Solid State Drives | Modified: June 14, 2016

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