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BIOS: Component Information

CMOS Battery – Complemetary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor – provides constant power to CMOS memory CMOS Memory – works in conjunction with the actual BIOS. What does the BIOS do except turning on computer and OS? -can give us component [view]

By: Maila Cas | Related Lesson: BIOS: Component Information | Modified: June 15, 2016

Mod 1

bios info msinfo dxdiag   [view]

By: Misbah Mashkoor | Related Lesson: BIOS - Basic Input Output System | Modified: June 15, 2016

yeah i got fans

besides fan working improperly, checking the thermal paste on the cpu is another option graphics cards sometimes have fans, and some just have heat plates fans can have molex, 4 pin or a 3-4 pin connector [view]

By: pilferpwnage | Related Lesson: Fans | Modified: June 15, 2016

Serial and Parallel

Serial meaning that the cable will be sending data from the device to the comp 1 bit at a time.Parallel will be sending 2 bits of data at a time. One moving foward and the other one moving back. The Parallel is worse because it contaminates the field [view]

By: frostyfrost | Related Lesson: PATA & SATA | Modified: June 15, 2016

jumpers and power connectors

jumpers- small pins found around motherboard -change different settings -provide different power to power buttons -front panel display -jumper block is the connector power connectors -blocky power blocks that plug into the power connector slots, numb [view]

By: pilferpwnage | Related Lesson: Jumpers & Power Connectors | Modified: June 15, 2016


north and south bridge act as additional communicators for cpu talking to other parts of the pc North Bridge -controls memory and graphics and comm. to south bridge South Bridge -controls i/o controller hub CMOS -cmos battery and cmos memory -store m [view]

By: pilferpwnage | Related Lesson: Chipsets - North Bridge, South Bridge & CMOS | Modified: June 15, 2016

Internal connection devices

SATA cables are also used inside the computer. PATA-Older version of the SATA cable.(its either running on 100Mbps or 133Mbps)__________ SCSI(Small computer system interface).Divides into Narrow(40mbps-7devices)and Wide(320mbps-15devices)_______ Flop [view]

By: frostyfrost | Related Lesson: Internal Connection Devices | Modified: June 15, 2016

cpu sockets

old cpu is pdip plastic dual inline package pga pin grid array square cpu with alot of pins on the underside be careful cause you can bend them and its hard and tedious to bend them back when placing cpu on motherboard match with the corner usually g [view]

By: pilferpwnage | Related Lesson: CPU Sockets | Modified: June 15, 2016

External Storage devices.

USB speedsUSB 1.0-12MbpsUSB 2.0- 480MBpsUSB 3.0-5Gbps____Firewire connectorIEEE 1394a- 400MbpsIEEE 1394b- 800Mbps______ESATA. (SATA stands for Serial Advanced Technology Attachment)SATA1- 1,5GbpsSATA2- 3GbpsSATA3- 6Gbps_______Ethernet Fast Ethernet- [view]

By: frostyfrost | Related Lesson: External Connection Devices | Modified: June 15, 2016

bus stop

32 bit bus address bus -transmits memory adresses between cpu and ram data bus -transmits data between cpu and ram expansion bus -add on adaptors attach to speed measured in MHz 1,000,000 cycles per a min 64 bit bus [view]

By: pilferpwnage | Related Lesson: Buses | Modified: June 15, 2016

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