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2nd lesson

Bios-basic input and output system used to select opeating sysytem   [view]

By: wagoz15 | Related Lesson: BIOS - Basic Input Output System | Modified: June 20, 2016



By: realisrael | Related Lesson: PATA & SATA | Modified: June 20, 2016

External Connection Devices

USB The connector is the USB USB 1.0 – 12 MB s USB 2.0 – 480 MB s USB 3.0 – 5.GB s Firewire cable A more block connector I EEE 1394q – 400MB s IEEE 1394b – 800MB s  eSATA 1.5 GB s 3 GB s 6GB s Ethernet Connect [view]

By: sealsasuke | Related Lesson: External Connection Devices | Modified: June 20, 2016

expansion slots

types pci slot-[4]- 5volts and 3 volts ,pci-x 64bits of in4mation simulteneouly, it is faster and smaller, pci e-slot- come in diff sizes ie 16x, x1 vs x16, the x16 is 16times more bandwith than the x1 card slot, PCIe Extend, agp UNIversal slot- it c [view]

By: dickensodhiambo | Related Lesson: Expansion Slots | Modified: June 20, 2016

LCD Screen Size, Viewing Angle, Response Rate, Contrast Ratio, Brightness, Orientation, Wall Mounting

Candelas Cd/m2 [view]


PATA  -Can select order from BIOS  -40 pin cables with 40 or 80 wire attachments  -Color-Coded  –Blue connects to motherboard  –Gray connects to secondary drive –Black connects to primary drive -Jumpers are small pin configurat [view]

By: jfoxxy6 | Related Lesson: PATA & SATA | Modified: June 20, 2016

CArd slots

PCI PCI X PCI e (extend) AGP universal ports agp 1.5 volts agp pro (sticker) video card slot CNR slot communication network riser ram card slots – audio card slot   [view]

By: zanott | Related Lesson: Expansion Slots | Modified: June 20, 2016


SATA (SERIAL ADVANCE TECHNOLOGY ATTACHMENT) -SATA 1 – 1.5GBps -SATA 2 – 3 GBps -SATA 3 – 6.0 GBps PATA (PARALLEL ATA) / IDE -100MBps 133MBps SCSI  -Narrow (7 devices) – 40MBps -Wide (15 devices) – 320MBps FLOPPY  -1MBp [view]

By: realisrael | Related Lesson: Internal Connection Devices | Modified: June 20, 2016

input output ports

components of mother board 1. input output ports  cpu, pci slots, for internet plugs video plugs, [view]

By: dickensodhiambo | Related Lesson: Input Output Ports | Modified: June 20, 2016

Install and COnfigure Storage

Storage devices. Optical Devices Disks because the information is stored by laser Not all disk are created equal. Some disk can only read such as ddr Others can overwrite and read CD+R,  cd-r , cd+rw, cd-rw R is read only but can write more [view]

By: sealsasuke | Related Lesson: Install & Configure Storage | Modified: June 20, 2016

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