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tools needed

loopback plug power supply tester multimeter post card [view]

By: jimmy2717 | Related Lesson: Motherboard, RAM, CPU and Power Issues (part 4) | Modified: June 21, 2016


MSINF032 DXDIAG   [view]

By: torwada | Related Lesson: BIOS - Basic Input Output System | Modified: June 21, 2016



By: | Related Lesson: BIOS: Component Information | Modified: June 21, 2016



By: | Related Lesson: BIOS - Basic Input Output System | Modified: June 21, 2016

Bios security

Supervisor/password can be set up on bios for control of use ect. Lojac – basically gives the ability to erase information, locate computer and shutdown a computer from a remote location, via a network connection. TPM – trusted platform [view]

By: jayf | Related Lesson: Security | Modified: June 20, 2016


Lockdown BIOS: Bios security options: *Supervisor password / User password Have to set supervisor password first to set user password. Persistent module will reinstall software if program is erased. TPM – trusted platform module.  Holds securi [view]

By: krazykat70 | Related Lesson: Security | Modified: June 20, 2016


nothing yet [view]

By: warth | Related Lesson: About Anthony Harris | Modified: June 20, 2016

twisted pair

CAT3 – 10 mbs – 16 mhz CAT5 – 100 mbs – 100 mhz – 155 ATM CAT5e – 100 mbs – 100 mdz – 155 ATM CAT6 – 1 gbs – 250 mhz CAT6a – 10 gbs – 550 mdz [view]


Does self-check on startup. POST – Power on Self-Test *CPU & POST Bios – computer will stop if any test fails. *system timer *video card *memory *keyboard *disk drive If POST fails, computer won’t start.  May hear a  beeps fro [view]

By: krazykat70 | Related Lesson: Diagnostics | Modified: June 20, 2016


those are connecting point between CPU and the other components North bridge connect CPU with Memory & graohic card South bridge is conected to North bridge and the rest of inputs & outputs.  cmos memory & cmos battery store memory chang [view]

By: wael95 | Related Lesson: Chipsets - North Bridge, South Bridge & CMOS | Modified: June 20, 2016

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