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codeitch | Advanced Penetration Testing | Module 1 - Linux

By: codeitch | Related Course: Advanced Penetration Testing | Published: July 20, 2017 | Modified: July 31, 2017
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NotepadLinux (part 4)

1. permitions: owner, group, everybody else

2. chmod => set permissions for an owner, a group and for everybody else

3. ”|” a pipe of the output into the input

4. cut -d ” ” -f 1 => cut delimiter (space) of the first field

5. sort -u => sort only unique entries (in an alphabetical order)

6. apt-get install <package> => to install a package that has not been installed yet, but it has an entry in repositories

NotepadLinux (part 5)

1. nc (abr. netcat) -lvp (listen, verpose, on port) <port> -e /bin/bash (execute bash) => so when you connect to this port at this address, you get bash (via nc <address> <port>)

NotepadLinux (part 6)

1. cron => executes scheduled commands (service cron restart)

NotepadLinux (part3)

1. Everything in Linux is a file

2. touch => create a file

3. mkdir => create a directory

4. cp <source> <dest> (keeps the source)

5. mv <source> <dest> (delets the source); can be used for renaming of files

6. rm <file>

7.  echo <test> > <file> (if there is no file, it will create it); if you want to append a text into file, use ”>>”

8. cat <file> prints the content of a file to the terminal


1. erase the dragoon when taking a print-screen
2. pwd => print working directory
3. sudo is only temporary for one command

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