Cisco CCNA Notes

trunk links(ports)

– can carry more than 1 vlan at a time – allow 2 or more vlans (or switches) talk to each other over 1 port – switch puts an id on frame(identifies the vlan where it comes from) = Frame Tagging Frame tagging iis done using 1 of 2 pr [view]

By: b3Nk0 | Related Lesson: Layer 2 - Links on a Switch | Modified: June 13, 2016

configure vlan

creating a vlan (id:150, name: ccna), and adding a port in which is connected an end device.   config terminal *enter global config mode vlan 150 *create vlan 150 name ccna *name vlan  exit do show vlan brief * show vlan db, vlan 150 has been creat [view]

By: b3Nk0 | Related Lesson: Layer 2 - Configure VLAN LAB | Modified: June 13, 2016


application, presentation, session, transport, network, datalink, physical [view]

By: inotme | Related Lesson: Open Systems Interconnect Model (OSI) Introduction | Modified: June 13, 2016

vlan domains

vlan: – vlan is a virtaul switch inside a switch – is a layer 2 broadcast domain(BD) Switch by default is 1 BD 2 types of ports exist in switch:  Access links  is any port that is part of 1 vlan if you put the port to a specific vlan [view]

By: b3Nk0 | Related Lesson: Layer 2 - VLAN Domains | Modified: June 15, 2016

ascess links

1.vlan is a layer 2 broadcast domain 2.An access link, an access link is any link on a switch or an access port as it any port on a switch that carries or is part of one VLAN. 3.For the most part at your jobs if you are network engineers or junior ne [view]

By: hamza95 | Related Lesson: Layer 2 - VLAN Domains | Modified: June 13, 2016

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