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1, 1002 – 1005 – Default  VLAN they cannot be deleted. by default, all port on a switch belongs to port 1. ( are called normal range vlan) 1006 – 4094 – Extended range VLAN [view]

By: HasanNawaz Shaikh | Related Lesson: Layer 2 - Virtual Local Area Connections | Modified: March 28, 2018

network Lear

Open Systems Interconnect Model (OSI) Introduction Welcome to the free Cybrary online course for the Cisco Certified Network Administration (CCNA) professional certification. This introductory lesson will help you fully understand the concepts of Ci [view]

By: santanupradhan | Related Lesson: Open Systems Interconnect Model (OSI) Introduction | Modified: March 26, 2018

Data Link Layer

PDU-Protocol Data Unit is called a frame MAC-Media Access Control 48位元組成,前24bit為OUI Field(Organizationally Unique Identifier) OUI無法變更,由供應商提供。後24bit由廠商編號 MAC Address的第7個bit為UL bit(Universal Loc [view]

By: darrenh | Related Lesson: Layer 2 - Data Link Layer Overview | Modified: March 26, 2018


vlan config: switch (old way) Switch£ VLAN Database switch(vlan)£ vlan 50 name test switch£ exit switch£show vlan brief NEW WAY: Switch(config)£vlan 100 Switch(config vlan))£ name CCna switch(config vlan)£do show  vlan brief if not showed, do [view]

By: fouz | Related Lesson: Layer 2 - Virtual Local Area Connections | Modified: March 26, 2018

vlan configurations

VLAN configurations switch(config)#vlan 100 switch(config-vlan)#name.ccna switch(config-vlan)# exit switch(config-vlan)# do show vlan brief   [view]

By: shshekh | Related Lesson: Layer 2 - Virtual Local Area Connections | Modified: March 26, 2018

Mac address

Protocol data  unit is called a frame in layer 2. Dest. mac -> Source MAC -> ~DATA -> FCS, CRC FCS – Frame check sequence, it houses the CRC (cyclic redundancy check) – Algorithm inside the CRC upon checking. Operation of a swit [view]

By: fouz | Related Lesson: Layer 2 - Mac Addresses | Modified: March 26, 2018

router commands

service password-encryption – encrypts all current and future passwords copy running-config startup-config [view]

By: Michael Chrusciel | Related Lesson: Layer 2 - Cisco IOS LAB (Part 3) Changing the Router Log | Modified: March 26, 2018

Point to Point Protocol

Link Control Protocol (LCP) – Authentication     1- Password Authentication Protocol (PAP)     2- Challange Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP) – Compression – PPP Multilink [view]

By: sorchamnan | Related Lesson: Point to Point Protocol | Modified: March 25, 2018

IP Address LAB

#show ip interface [interface]–> show config for specific interface  #show ip interface brief–> see all interfaces at the same time (config-if)#ip address [ip address][subnet mask] –> assign IP to a port  (config-if)#no s [view]

By: kpatel111999 | Related Lesson: Layer 3 - IP Addressing LAB | Modified: March 25, 2018

Encapsulation/Deencapsulation and ARP (Address Resilution Protocol)

Packet at Layer 3  Destination IP —-Source IP —- Data—– FCS (CRC) Frame Check Sequence (FCS) –> houses the cyclical redundancy check (CRC)  In logical diagrams — exclude switches  Internet Control Messaging P [view]

By: kpatel111999 | Related Lesson: Layer 3 - Encapsulation / Decapsulation and ARP | Modified: March 25, 2018

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