Advanced Penetration Testing Notes

metasploit [view]

By: dbmc06 | Related Lesson: Metasploit (part 3) Operation | Modified: September 11, 2016

Using Metasploit Modules

open source edition: (written in Ruby) cd /usr/share/metasploit-framework/modules Creating a metasploit that detects sys vulnerability       [view]

By: dbmc06 | Related Lesson: Metasploit (part 2) Fundamentals | Modified: September 11, 2016

mv command

mv -> move mv é usado para mover, porém pode ser usado também para renomear  exemplo mv arquivo arquivo1 o arquivo será renomeado. [view]

By: danielcosta | Related Lesson: Linux (part 3) - Directories, myfile and Nano | Modified: September 10, 2016


Use IE turn off protective mode xss filter is disable   [view]

By: dm41278 | Related Lesson: WebApp (part 5) Cross Site Scripting XSS | Modified: September 10, 2016

sql injection

put ’ at the end 1=1 — tool sqlmap -u injection point –dump os-shell   [view]

By: dm41278 | Related Lesson: WebApp (part 3) SQL Injection | Modified: September 10, 2016

web app testing manually

burpsuit proxy   [view]

By: dm41278 | Related Lesson: WebApp (part 2) Vulnerable Web Applications | Modified: September 10, 2016


route add 25 use scanner/portscan/tcp bind shell to route   [view]

By: dm41278 | Related Lesson: Post Exploitation (part 3) Pivoting | Modified: September 10, 2016


pass the hash set smbpass as the hash sshexec Token Impre load incognito impersonate_token Username       [view]

By: dm41278 | Related Lesson: Post Exploitation (part 2) Exploit Development | Modified: September 10, 2016


use post/windows/gather/enum_logged_on_users need a active sessions UAC use exploit/windows/local/bypassuac linux cd /usr/share/exploitdb/ lsb_release udevadm –version   [view]

By: dm41278 | Related Lesson: Post Exploitation (part 1) File Transfer without and Interactive Shell | Modified: September 10, 2016

avoid anti-virus

hyperion wine ../hyperion.exe ../payload.exe name valeevasion   [view]

By: dm41278 | Related Lesson: Advanced Exploitation (part 5) Bypassing Antivirus Software | Modified: September 10, 2016

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