Advanced Penetration Testing Notes


Translates IP address to MAC address of the network adapter Tells hosts where to send traffic If we can trick hosts into sending traffic to the wrong place we can capture traffic in Wireshark ARP Spoofing – spoofs the trafic i.e. captures and [view]

By: Butterblob | Related Lesson: Traffic Capture (part 3) Address Resolution Protocol ARP | Modified: December 19, 2016

thehavester and maltego

thehavester -d -l 500 -b all maltegoce [view]

By: samfok | Related Lesson: Information Gathering (part 3) Targeting Email and Maltego | Modified: December 19, 2016

the use of Fierce

use ’fierce -dns’ to bute force break the communication of dns zone transfer [view]

By: samfok | Related Lesson: Information Gathering (part 2) Domain Name Services | Modified: December 19, 2016

C Program

#include <stdio.h> int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {     if(argc <2)      {          print{”%s\n, ”pass your name as an argument”);           return -1;        }       else        { [view]

By: samfok | Related Lesson: Programming (part 5) Python Import Command | Modified: December 17, 2016

Python for port scan

#!/usr/bin/python import socket ip = raw_input(”pls enter ip address: ”) port=input(”pls enter port: ”) socket = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCKET_STREAM) if socket.connect_ex((ip,port)):   print ”the portR [view]

By: samfok | Related Lesson: Programming (part 4) Python for Port Scanning | Modified: December 17, 2016

Bash for ping subnet

#!/bin/bash if [”$1” == ””] then echo ”Usage: ./ [network]” echo ”example: ./ 192.168.69” else for x in `seq 1 254`; do ping -A -c 1 $1.$x | grep ”64 bytes” | cut -d ” &# [view]

By: samfok | Related Lesson: Programming (part 3) Network Pings | Modified: December 28, 2016


Georgia re-visits Metasploit and how it is used for vulnerability testing. [view]

By: Genilson Mess | Related Lesson: Vulnerability Scanning (part 4) Metasploit | Modified: December 17, 2016


Vulnerability Scanning (part 3) Nmap Scripting Engine In this lesson Georgia covers the use of NMap, and in particular, how to use the NMAP scripting engine to scan for vulnerabilities. [view]

By: Genilson Mess | Related Lesson: Vulnerability Scanning (part 3) Nmap Scripting Engine | Modified: December 17, 2016


more about man command:   [view]

By: avnish garg | Related Lesson: Linux (part 2) Kali Linux Commands | Modified: December 17, 2016


This video teaches about the automated vulnerability scanner Nessus. This is a good tool for professional PING testing. The instructor shows the Nessus command. This is not installed on Kali Linux by default. You can install this yourself and put pol [view]

By: Genilson Mess | Related Lesson: Vulnerability Scanning (part 2) Nessus | Modified: December 16, 2016

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