Advanced Penetration Testing Notes


advance exploitation clientside and social engineering and AV bypass [view]

By: sirrush | Related Lesson: Advanced Exploitation (part 1) Introduction | Modified: July 12, 2017

mount on Linux

Per effettuare il mount con SAMBA tra due sistemi *Unix è possibile utilizzare: showmount -e <ip> per elencare le shares di rete; mount -t nfs (Network File System) -o nolock <ip>:/remote/path /local/path [view]

By: Giuseppe | Related Lesson: Exploitation (part 6) Attaching to an IP Address | Modified: July 11, 2017

IP addressing and Netcat

>service apache2 start >netstat – >ifconfig/16 >nano /etc/network/interfaces >>iface eth0 inet static >>iface eth0 inet dhcp >netcat -nc >ping >nc -lvp   //listen >>listen verbosity port >nc <ip> [view]

By: A3L2J | Related Lesson: Linux (part 5) IP Addressing and netcat | Modified: July 11, 2017


Quando si esegue un info su un modulo metasploi è possibile visualizzare le referenze e collegarsi al relativo link osvdb per visualizzare informazioni dettagliate su un eventuale exploit. [view]

By: Giuseppe | Related Lesson: Exploitation (part 4) Open Source Vulnerability | Modified: July 10, 2017


–script-help nmap -sC     [view]

By: fjog | Related Lesson: Vulnerability Scanning (part 3) Nmap Scripting Engine | Modified: July 10, 2017


argc argv   [view]

By: fjog | Related Lesson: Programming (part 5) Python Import Command | Modified: July 9, 2017


sed ’s/.$//’ ip = raw_input port = input sock = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM) sock.connect_ex((ip,port))     [view]

By: fjog | Related Lesson: Programming (part 4) Python for Port Scanning | Modified: July 9, 2017

pen test

metasploit /user/share/metasploit smb payload, exploit       [view]

By: rajshi123 | Related Lesson: Metasploit (part 2) Fundamentals | Modified: July 8, 2017

command zone transfer

fierce -dns [view]

By: hcool962 | Related Lesson: Information Gathering (part 2) Domain Name Services | Modified: July 7, 2017


 service apache2 start [view]

By: hcool962 | Related Lesson: Metasploit (part 6) msfvenom | Modified: July 6, 2017

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