Advanced Penetration Testing Notes

DNS Info gathering

theharvester -d -l 500 -b all ”whats that site running?” maltego/name changed -webcamXP  [view]

By: primerskyline | Related Lesson: Information Gathering (part 3) Targeting Email and Maltego | Modified: August 10, 2017

link dhe spjegime [view]

By: armendukmata | Related Lesson: Programming (part 4) Python for Port Scanning | Modified: August 9, 2017



By: anrularr | Related Lesson: Linux (part 4) chmod, manipulation and packages | Modified: August 8, 2017

More Linux Commands

touch (CREATE FILE) mkdir (MAKE DIRECTORY) cp (COPY) parent destination mv (MOVE) parent destination rm (REMOVE) cat (show file) echo (write into file) > (overwrites) >> (adds text)   [view]

By: anrularr | Related Lesson: Linux (part 3) - Directories, myfile and Nano | Modified: August 8, 2017

Linux Basic Commands

man (MANUAL) ls (LIST) -l (long) -a(hidden) cd(duuh)   [view]

By: anrularr | Related Lesson: Linux (part 2) Kali Linux Commands | Modified: August 8, 2017

Traffic Capture (part 5) ettercap

Ettercap Intercepting SSL Certificate Ettercap used for breaking into SSL Connection   [view]

By: yog_sat | Related Lesson: Traffic Capture (part 5) ettercap | Modified: August 8, 2017

Document vulns

document potential vulnerabilities as you conduct nmap port scans etc. to use later when trying to exploit using metasploit or other avenues. [view]

By: Ryno23 | Related Lesson: Information Gathering (part 5) NMAP and PortScanning | Modified: August 7, 2017

Information Gathering

name server $ host -t ns Transfert de zone $ host -l [view]

By: L Lawliet | Related Lesson: Information Gathering (part 2) Domain Name Services | Modified: August 7, 2017

pentesting Devices

pentesting devices you can also reverse mobile apps you can use the device which is now backdoored to go an internal scan providing that they are connecting to the network internally. using the device to attack other machines on the network is possib [view]

By: sirrush | Related Lesson: SPF (part 5) Pentesting Mobile Devices | Modified: August 7, 2017

functionality for agents

The agent can do multiple things on the target device such as get an environment layout and DL/execute/upload files [view]

By: sirrush | Related Lesson: SPF (part 4) Functionality for Agents | Modified: August 7, 2017

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