Newcastle Australia Cyber Security Jobs

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Newcastle Australia Cyber Security Jobs

Newcastle by Macr

The first thing that usually comes to mind when hearing “Newcastle” is coal. Most people only know of one Newcastle famous for its coal industry and that’s Newcastle, England. You might be surprised to learn that there is another Newcastle also famous for coal mining and coal exports, but it’s half a world away on the eastern coast of New South Wales, Australia.

Newcastle is the name of a metropolitan area in the state of New South Wales and is a collection of government areas including the City of New South Wales. It sits at the mouth of the Hunter River and is about 100 miles northeast of Sydney. Newcastle is the largest coal-exporting harbor in the world and its output only continues to increase.

Since coal is king in Newcastle there isn’t much in the way of technology and research companies in the region. Opportunities for IT professionals are rather limited, though positions may exist with government offices as well as within companies catering to the tourist and entertainment industries. Newcastle, Australia cyber security jobs are very scarce, with only the most qualified and experienced candidates having a shot at landing one.

Cyber Security Jobs in Newcastle Australia

The economy of Newcastle experienced major setbacks during the recession of the early 1990s as well as due to the closure of its  large steelworks in 1999. The steelworks had operated for 84 years and its closure caused the area’s unemployment rate to rise to 12%. Fortunately, the closure of the steelworks coincided with a commodities boom, which saw a sudden rise in prices for coal and iron ore. The two largest single employers in Newcastle are the Hunter New England Area Health Service and the University of Newcastle.

With some persistence and luck, cyber security jobs in Newcastle Australia can possibly be found. It will require thinking creatively and being proactive is convincing the corporate management of certain firms of the critical need to protect vital data and IT infrastructure.

Living and Working in Newcastle Australia

Newcastle is a comfortable place to live and work. The climate is mild and the region’s infrastructure in terms of roads, public transport, and utilities is well-developed and maintained. Newcastle’s beaches, like other coastal cities in the state of New South Wales, are idyllic and it has a vibrant cultural and arts scene. And as with other smaller cities on the east coast of Australia, you can’t go wrong at least paying it a visit as part of a larger tour of Australia!

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