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Mumbai Cyber Security Jobs

You may associate Mumbai with outsourced Indian call centers, or if you’re old enough, you may remember it by its former name of Bombay. Mumbai is a larger than life world city, and like the proverbial elephant, you can’t get a full sense of its character by simply examining a single aspect of its enormity. For that, you will need to understand its rich history and culture, its economy, and most importantly, the people who inhabit this great Indian city.

In terms of size, Mumbai is the most populous city in India with a population of 18.4 million people. That number swells to 20.7 million when you include neighboring regions. Geographically, Mumbai is comprised of seven islands and lies on the west coast of India along a deep harbor. While we’re on the topic of size, Mumbai is the wealthiest city in India and has the highest number of billionaires and millionaires of all cities in India!

Such a concentrated area of wealth did not happen by accident. Once a great textile center, Mumbai experienced centuries of political and ethnic strife. It underwent enormous economic expansion after gaining independence from Great Britain in 1947 and has never looked back. Today, Mumbai is the commercial and financial center of India. Opportunities for IT professionals abound in the region and Mumbai cyber security jobs are widely available to well-qualified candidates.

Cyber Security Jobs in Mumbai

As previously mentioned, Mumbai is the center for financial services in India. The tremendous degree of wealth in Mumbai is a direct result of the money poured into infrastructure development as well as from private investment in the city. Mumbai is a “Who’s Who” of Indian business titans. Many private and state banks are located in the city along with large insurance companies and the renowned Indian tech staffing company, Tata Group. Five of the Fortune Global 500 companies are headquartered in Mumbai with things being rounded out by the presence of the Bombay Stock Exchanged, the National Stock Exchange of Index, and the Securities and Exchange Board of India.

Other sectors that figure prominently in the economy of Mumbai are gems and jewellery, leather processing, and IT services. Mumbai has felt competition on the IT front from Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune in recent years, but it’s still a force to be reckoned with in the IT space. Designated tech regions within Mumbai such as the Santacruz Electronic Export Processing Zone and the International Infotech Park offer excellent facilities to IT companies based here.

Mumbai is also India’s media hub, with major radio stations and TV studios located in the city along with several major newspapers. And we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention perhaps the most famous media industry in Mumbai and perhaps all of India, which is the film industry. Bollywood, the Hindi film industry is based here and cranks out a staggering number of films each year. The name Bollywood is a blend of Bombay and Hollywood. The explosive growth of Bollywood has fueled advances in Indian filmmaking with respect to cinematography, special effects and animation, as well as more ambitious storylines.

When it comes to cyber security jobs in Mumbai, you can pretty much take your pick. If you’re an Indian citizen, then choosing to relocate to Mumbai to either start or advance your IT career is a smart move. Non-Indians thinking about relocating to Mumbai could face some stiff competition for IT positions, but demand remains high for well-qualified cyber security professionals.

Living and Working in Mumbai

Mumbai has a tropical climate and alternates between wet and dry seasons. In short, things can get pretty hot and humid. Monsoon season runs from mid-summer to early autumn and you should expect to get drenched. The infrastructure, unlike the more rural parts of India, is reliable with few service outages.

Mumbai has a varied and extensive transport system of buses, rail, and taxis, though things can get to be a bit of a crush at times with so many people concentrated in the city. Living and working in Mumbai, and India in general, requires a hearty disposition coupled with a fair amount of patience, but if you’re willing to go with the flow and savor a different pace of life, then Mumbai will reveal it’s wealth of sensations and small pleasures, such as its famous beach resorts, spicy cuisine, wondrous architecture, and a vibrant sporting scene based around cricket, European football, and rugby.

Obtaining an Indian work visa has several strict requirements such as being hired by an Indian company or foreign company based within India. There are minimum salary, educational, and experience requirements that must be met in order to obtain an Indian work visa. Your chances increase dramatically if you’re trained and certified in a recognized cyber security program, so get started training and looking for cyber security jobs in and around Mumbai on!

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