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Montevideo Cyber Security Jobs

Montevideo, the capital city of Uruguay, has changed hands between Portugal, Spain, and even the British for a brief period over the centuries. It also endured the rule of a harsh military junta and a devastating banking crisis in 2002, but it has emerged as a designated “Beta City” city within Latin America.

Situated on the banks of the Rio de la Plata river, Montevideo has distinguished itself for being first in many developments and advancements. The city hosted all of the matches during the first FIFA World Cup, it installed gas lamps and a horse-drawn tram during the mid-nineteenth century, and it granted women the right to vote early during the following century. Montevideo has also been voted the 5th most gay-friendly city in the world. All of these advances have earned Montevideo a position among the 350 world cities recognized as having the best quality of life.

Montevideo is a modestly sized capital city with just over 1 million inhabitants. Its economy is well-diversified with positions in finance, tourism, real estate, retail, government, and commerce. A progressive city such as Montevideo welcomes well-trained and experienced professionals, especially those within the IT fields. Montevideo cyber security jobs are open job seekers with the proper credentials and certification.

Cyber Security Jobs in Montevideo

Like several other South American cities, such as Cordoba, Argentina and Sao Paulo, Brazil, Montevideo experienced an economic spurt coincident with a large influx of immigrants from Europe. This immigration surge resulted in construction projects and expansion into new economic sectors such as finance and banking. Montevideo is a major financial hub in South America with several major banking concerns headquartered in the city.

Citizens are uniquely advantaged to seek employment with not only private businesses within the city, but also with government ministries. IT professionals can seek employment across all economic sectors and there are quite a few to choose from within Montevideo. Banks and financial services firms are in particular need of well-qualified IT professionals, and the hiring need for cyber security jobs in Montevideo is particularly strong.

Living and Working in Montevideo

It was stated at the outset that Montevideo has been voted one of the world cities with the best quality of life. This is not a meaningless accolade! Many factors are considered for selection, among which are climate, job opportunities, cost of living, government, culture, housing, and transportation. Montevideo scores highly on all counts!

Obtaining a work visa for Uruguay is straightforward, but rigorous. An employment visa is regarded as a residency visa, so sufficient monthly income is an important requirement. The government wants to make sure you can support yourself and your dependents while living and working Montevideo. You can find more information on Uruguayan work visas from many online visa service sites.

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