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Say Hello to the Cyb Team
Cybrary Duties: To plan the vision, allocate the resources and deploy the team responsible for ensuring that Cybrary lunches go smoothly each Tuesday and Thursday
I am: Not your rolling wheels, I am the highway
Coffee making skills: 7.4 in making K Cups
Ask me about: My podcast problem
Cutest animal: Drogon
Toughest Superhero: *******************
Favorite foodstuff: My Grandmother's braciole
First concert experienced: Jimmy Buffett
When I grow up I want to: Be on the water, often
My glass is: Always half full
Cybrary Duties: Keep @ralphs humbled. Will mess around in product and platform design from time to time
I am: always disappointed a group of squids is not called a squad
Coffee making skills: are bulletproof
Ask me about: The multiverse
Cutest animal: Cats...even though they are terrifying...and I'm allergic...ok, maybe not cats
Toughest Superhero: Nicholas Cage
Favorite foodstuff: My Mother's Beef Wellington
First concert experienced: Third Eye Blind
When I grow up I want to: look back on it all, and smile
My glass is: Crafty
Cybrary Duties: Developing efficient and scalable solutions
I am: A Scorpio
Coffee making skills: The best
Ask me about: Information Security
Cutest animal: Pandas!
Toughest Superhero: Batman
Favorite foodstuff: Sushi, duh!
First concert experienced: I can't remember
When I grow up I want to: Everything
My glass is: Empty because I finished it
Cybrary Duties: Friday Fridge Cleaner
I am: A Software Engineer
Coffee making skills: "Is this thing on?"
Ask me about: API's, Bots, Cybersecurity, and Data ... at your own risk
Cutest animal: The one on my plate
Toughest Superhero: Dogwelder
Favorite foodstuff: The one on my plate
First concert experienced: Hank Williams Jr and Willie Nelson
When I grow up I want to: Build a tree house
My glass is: Getting shorter
Cybrary Duties: Marketing Manager
I am: A writer
Coffee making skills: I'll buy Dunkin Donuts
Ask me about: Harry Potter
Cutest animal: Golden Retrievers
Toughest Superhero: Daeneryus Stormborn
Favorite foodstuff: Ice Cream
First concert experienced: Maroon 5
When I grow up I want to: Travel the World
My glass is: A wine glass hehe
Cybrary Duties: TEAMS sales
I am: Kevin Martin aka K-Mart
Coffee making skills: Expert level
Ask me about: My sneaker collection
Cutest animal: Panda
Toughest Superhero: Spider-man
Favorite foodstuff: Lasagna
First concert experienced: The License to Ill tour with Beastie Boys and RUN-DMC
When I grow up I want to: The Most Interesting Man in the World
My glass is: Overflowing
Cybrary Duties: Entertain everyone with real life stories from the 1980s
I am: CEO
Coffee making skills: K-Cup Wizard
Ask me about: Family
Cutest animal: Sea lions
Toughest Superhero: My mom
Favorite foodstuff: Pasta with a side of pasta and then desert pasta
First concert experienced: Santana at Ritchie Coliseum (UofM) with best friend and his mom
When I grow up I want to: Make sure I left this place better than I found it
My glass is: A red solo cup (with Mich Ultra) - or always full as I believe we all get unlimited refills ...
Cybrary Duties: Break Code
I am: The Swedish Baker
Coffee making skills: DNE
Ask me about: If(noCleverAnswerToPost){don't();}
Cutest animal: Hamilton
Toughest Superhero: Manbearpig
Favorite foodstuff: Sushi burritos
First concert experienced: Nightwish \,,/
When I grow up I want to: Grow taller
My glass is: From my massive worldwide shotglass collection
Cybrary Duties: Whatever is needed at the time
I am: Quiet
Coffee making skills: Caffeine packed
Ask me about: Music and movies
Cutest animal: Pug puppies
Toughest Superhero: My Husband
Favorite foodstuff: Corn - on the cob, off the cob, seasoned or not - anyway it comes
First concert experienced: Of Monster's and Men
When I grow up I want to: Accomplish my dreams
My glass is: Always half full - I drink too slowly :p
Cybrary Duties: Dishwasher unloader
I am: One of the Sales Guys
Coffee making skills: Above average, although I don’t drink what I brew, unless it’s tea.
Ask me about: Baseball! Especially the Baltimore Orioles.
Cutest animal: Love King Charles Cavaliers. Dogs are great. King Charles Cav, better.
Toughest Superhero: My mom. She’s a survivor and doesn’t let anything get her down!
Favorite foodstuff: Ribeye steak, medium-rare; Phillips Crab Cake; Basmati rice and oven baked asparagus.
First concert experienced: Billy Idol, City Island, Harrisburg, PA, 1985/maybe ’86? The next day, I bought black leather pants at Chess King. And the day after, my dad made me return them!
When I grow up I want to: Operate a sports complex – electronic golf range, hitting cages, mini put-put, hoops and volleyball. A safe place for the high school kids to hang out after school or on the weekends.
My glass is: more than half full, with an Old Vine Zinfandel. Join me?
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