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What is Cybrary?

Cybrary is a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) provider offering IT and Cyber Security training to anyone, anywhere, and every skill level.

Why did you launch Cybrary?

IT training is the primary source of learning for IT professionals, who deal with constantly changing technologies. We want to provide access to quality IT training without the financial strain. Providing online education reduces financial barriers, allowing anyone to learn and engage with the IT community, which allows for both entry into the field. This will welcome new minds into IT, making the future brighter for IT innovation and cyber security.

How many courses do you offer and what types?

Our initial offering includes about 18 classes, and there are several more in production. We began with the most in-demand IT and Cyber Security skill sets and most popular certifications, including the ones that focus on skills for entry level jobs – such as A+, Network+ and CCNA. After that, we began assembling the advanced skill sets such as Microsoft’s MCSA, CISSP and Advanced Penetration Testing. Production will be continual as these classes change all the time, responding to updates and technological advances, and we are poised to enhance the advanced skill set offering.

Who are the ideal users?

We are focused on providing comprehensive IT and cyber security training options for the unserved, underserved, underprivileged and people who need the means to break into the field or advance in their current jobs.

How do I know I’m getting quality training?

We have nearly 15 years experience understanding what people need to learn in IT or cyber security subject matter. The sharpest minds in the industry are preparing our classes and contributing to the learning experience of our students. Each instructor has taught their respective class many times, and for years in most cases. Our peer review system ensures our education department’s content standards are met. And SME peers expect high levels of quality from one another.

How long will it take users to complete each course?

Each class varies, and some of the topics are complex, so they may require some backtracking, but Cybrary sets students up for success. Classes range from 5 to 30 hours and require individual study outside of class work. With study guides, books and other study materials available on the website – not to mention the peer networking – Cybrary students are surrounded by support and given all the tools needed to succeed in class, acquire valuable skill sets, and achieve certification.

Who are your instructors?

With our years of experience in the field, we have strong relationships with some of the most brilliant minds in IT education. The Subject Matter Experts have deep experience and the talent for teaching.

What are the most common reasons people fail at IT training?

In the current system, the barrier to entry is too high, eliminating good minds from the start. They may have the technical capability, but the cost to take a class and get the certification is too high or the financial risk too big. Similarly, if an employer is unwilling to pay for training, an IT professional may be stuck in a job without opportunity for career advancement.

Some may be attracted to the excitement of the industry and may want to try a career change. They have the means to pay for training but later realize IT isn’t for them. In this case, their money and time was wasted, and that financial waste may very well set their family back substantially.

Will completion of Cybrary courses lead to any kind of certification or degree?  Will completion of Cybrary courses lead to employment or advancement for users?

Many of our courses prepare students for certification. Course completion alone won’t get someone employed, but the content is designed to provide them with the skills required to do so, as well as – in many cases – the certification to back up the skill set. For example, a new student with no experience in the field generally begins with CompTIA A+ and Network+. These courses provide fundamental knowledge about the IT, sys admin, networking and cyber security field in general and the skill sets would make them eligible for many entry level IT jobs and similarly, employers hiring for entry level IT jobs typically look for candidates with those certifications.

IT is a nuanced industry. A systems administrator role is much different than a network administrator, and the skills required for each are extremely different. Someone new to the field might not understand that, but after completing A+ and Network+, students will be far more knowledgeable about which direction in IT is best fit for them.

That is the true student value of Cybrary: career decisions can be made without wasting money on mistakes.

Are there instructors or counselors offering advice to users, and/or monitoring users’ completion of courses?  What if users have questions or need extra help?

Cybrary support staff is monitoring consistently and quickly aiding students and answering questions.  SMEs interact with students via public and private messages and participate in the discussion forums and groups. Peer interaction also aids in the learning model.

Do you expect that individual users will be willing to offer advice and support to other members of the community?  How will that work?

IT and Cyber Security professionals are naturals at sharing accomplishments and knowledge. IT professionals are accustomed to networking digitally and sharing with others. Our site features participation from users of all levels. Answers to questions come from everywhere. In fact, the very first question ever posted on our forums by a user, was answered promptly and accurately by another user.

How does the community work?

Collaborative learning is critical in enhancing an online learning environment. Therefore, we facilitate the discussion of class based topics, questions, analysis, cases and so on. We encourage people to connect with others who have both been through their track of training as well as ones that are currently in the same track at the same time.

Once logged in, students are able to post on class forums, which are moderated by Cybrary user support staff, as well as SMEs. The support staff members facilitate peer-to-peer collaboration as well as instructor-led discussion.

Are you associated with a paid IT training school?

Yes, by relationship, but the entities are separate, and that training company donated its time and resources to help build Cybrary. Education should be accessible for everyone, no matter the income or location. We believe affordable, online education can change the IT industry globally, and the IT industry has the power to change the world.

How will your courses differ from your other company’s courses?

Actually, they are very similar to the online IT and Cyber Security training providers, except we incorporate the online learning engagement model with our discussions and interaction. Guided learning, lectures and interactions between instructors and students stay the same. The only thing missing is the cost.

Our Revolution

We believe Cyber Security training should accessible for everyone, everywhere. Everyone deserves the OPPORTUNITY to learn, begin and grow a career in this fascinating field. Therefore, Cybrary is the world's largest community where people, companies and training come together to give everyone the ability to collaborate in an open source way that is revolutionizing the cyber security educational experience.

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