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Manila Cyber Security Jobs

Manila Skyline by airforcefe

Manila, the capital of the Philippines, has been fought over and occupied by more than a few nations during its existence. Its strongest influences are the legacies left by Spain and the United States, though Spanish is no longer the official language of the Philippines, the language lives on in the names of landmarks as well as the given names of its people. The influence from various periods of Manila’s history can be found in the American, Spanish, Chinese, and Malay styles of its architecture.

Manila is the most populous city in the world with over 22 million people in its metro area. This is manifested in traffic congestion within the city. Manila is divided into 16 districts, which are further divided into 896 sections known as barangays. The city was almost completely destroyed during WWII, but a massive reconstruction project commenced at the end of the war and today Manila has regained its status as the “Pearl of the Orient.”

Manila is ranked third for cities in the Philippines for economic prosperity. Its economic landscape is broad and retains a manufacturing base despite recent expansion into finance, retail, and services industries. Employment opportunities are available for IT professionals across this broad economy. Manila cyber security jobs provide attractive employment opportunities for certified and experienced cyber security professionals.

Cyber Security Jobs in Manila

Manila is a hub for finance, retail, transportation, media, and legal and insurance services. It also has robust tourist and real estate sectors. The Port of Manila is a strategic global shipping center with several major terminal, container, and shipping companies headquartered in the capital city.

Manila is home to Binondo, one of the largest Chinatowns in the world. Plans are underway to turn this area into a business process outsourcing hub. This industrial expansion should provide stimulus to the IT job market within Manila and not far from Binondo, is Divisoria, which has been dubbed the shopping mecca of the Philippines.

The manufacturing sector in Manila produces chemicals, textiles, electronics, as well as food, beverages, and tobacco products. Oil exports are a significant part of Manila’s economy. The main petroleum companies in the region are Caltex Philippines, Philipinas Shell, and Petron Corporation. Media – both old and new – have turned Manila into a major publishing and advertising center.

Cyber security jobs in Manila are most prevalent with finance and banking concerns as well as with the large multi-national corporations with offices in Manila such as Unilever Philippines and Toyota. Securing corporate networks and data belonging to the organization as well as customers is always a critical IT need.

Living and Working in Manila

Manila has a subtropical climate that can best be described as hot and humid. Its close proximity to the equator means that there is little temperature variation across seasons, however, winters are drier than summers. The region is subject to natural threats such as typhoons and earth quakes and is something you should be aware of if you plan to live and work in Manila.

Obtaining a work visa for the Philippines is relatively easy for US citizens. A pre-arranged employment visa is typically the kind of visa required for working in the Philippines.

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