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Lima Cyber Security Jobs

Located in a collection of river valleys, Lima, the capital of Peru, is the most populous city in the country of Peru and the third largest city in Latin America. Things can get a bit congested in the city center since most of the population prefers to get around by car, taxi, or bus. However, among the congestion, lies a global city rich in culture, history, and economic opportunity.

Lima is the melting pot of South America and like Sao Paulo, experienced an influx of international immigrants from Spain, Portugal, Italy, and East Asia during the early part of the 20th century. This immigration coincided with, and most likely stimulated, the rapid economic growth of the region. The confluence of these disparate cultures, combined with Peru’s indigenous culture, has resulted in a wide assortment of culinary delights making Lima a prime destination for gourmet tourism.

The economic status of Lima is robust and the city is the industrial and financial center of Peru. As a result, Lima is home to many prominent Peruvian companies as well as the regional headquarters of many foreign businesses. Lima enjoys a large pool of talent to draw from to fill positions in its manufacturing industries as well as its shipping and fishing industries due to its prime location on the Pacific coast of Peru. Opportunities have opened up for IT professionals at many of the private companies based in the city. Lima cyber security jobs are another area of opportunity for IT professionals with this particular skill set to investigate.

Cyber Security Jobs in Lima

Lima’s vast Callao seaport on its Pacific coast does a booming business in fishing and commerce. Primary exports from this port are oil, steel, silver, zinc, cotton, and other commodities such as coffee and sugar. Lima is the financial hub of both Peru and South America. Economic policies originating in Lima spurred the largest rate of economic growth for any country in South America. The Lima Stock Exchange is based here and has been one of the fastest growing and most profitable exchanges in the world.

The Peruvian capital is the regional headquarters of many foreign companies, particularly in the banking and financial sector. It is also home to several Peruvian insurance companies. Like many of the other economic hubs in Latin America, Lima has experienced significant growth in the tertiary services sector of its economy. Experienced IT professionals can find employment opportunities with both international companies based in Lima as well as with Peruvian firms. Citizens enjoy further employment opportunities that extend to many of the government offices located in the capital city. Cyber security jobs in Lima are open to both resident foreigners as well as Peruvian nationals.

Living and Working in Lima

Lima is a mix of desert, tropical, and coastal climates resulting in a climate that varies between mild and warm. The hot temperatures contributed by the desert component of its climate are moderated by cool breezes that blow in off the Pacific Ocean. Lima has two distinct seasons (summer and winter) with very brief transitional months that occur in May and November. Lima is overwhelmingly dry and suffers from low water conditions especially during the summer months. Water is provided to the region primarily from wells and the surrounding rivers.

The architecture in Lima provides a history lesson all on its own. The most notable structures are the Monastery of San Francisco, the Cathedral of Lima, and the Torre Tagle Palace. Architectural styles on display in the city include Spanish Baroque, Spanish Neoclassicism and Spanish Colonial. Modern glass skyscrapers provide a notable contrast to these historical structures. Earthquakes have rocked Lima over the centuries and remain a threat today. Like Santiago, Chile, Lima is situated in the Pacific Ring of Fire; a very active geological fault line.

Peru is somewhat unique in that foreigners may apply for a Peru work visa while already in the country on another type of visa such as a tourist or business visa. This means you must be proactive in seeking out and securing employment prior to your current visa expiring.

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