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Lagos Cyber Security Jobs

Lagos is a true African jewel. It has the highest GDP of any African city, is a major financial center, and is situated in a beautiful coastal lagoon on the Atlantic coast of Africa. Lagos was once the capital of Nigeria, but is now the capital of Lagos State, which is a state within Nigeria. It is one of the most populous urban areas in the world with a staggering population of 16 million people on a relatively small chunk of real estate.

Lagos is loosely divided into two geographical regions known as the Island and the Mainland. The influence of Portuguese and British colonial periods is still evident in the architecture on Lagos Island. The presence of a large port, oil refiners, government offices, financial services, and foreign businesses make Lagos a choice destination for IT professionals, especially those seeking Lagos cyber security jobs.

Cyber Security Jobs in Lagos

As Nigeria’s financial and economic hub, Lagos generates an incredible amount of revenue. Commercial banks, financial institutions, and major corporations are headquartered in the city. A tremendous volume of shipping traffic passes through the Port of Lagos, which is one of the largest and busiest ports in Africa. Much of the nation’s crude oil is exported from here.

Nigerian citizens have a decided advantage in obtaining IT positions with Nigerian government agencies located in the city. Expats and citizens are pretty much on equal footing when it comes to competing for positions with domestic commercial and foreign based companies in Lagos. In terms of skill sets, cyber security jobs in Lagos are a great bet if you’re trained and certified in this area.

Living and Working in Lagos

Lagos is a modern city with a solid infrastructure in terms of utilities and transportation. Its highway system is one of the most extensive and largest in Western Africa. Getting around is not too difficult, though traffic get be heavy and chaotic at times. Public transport and taxis and even ferries are a better option.

Lagos has a tropical climate that alternates between wet and dry. The rainy seasons occur from April to July followed by a milder one between October and November. A brief dry spell run from August to September with a longer dry season beginning in December and running until March. As far as tropical climates go, Lagos is a bit more pleasant than most with a high temperature that never gets past 99F or below 57F.

Lagos is a cultural center and there is no shortage of entertainment options when it comes to music, art, tourism, and cuisine. English is widely spoken and the people are eager to meet foreigners.

Nigeria’s work visa rules are strict and Expatriates working in Free Zone-licensed companies are now required to apply online for all Immigration facilities. The good news is that all Nigerian visas can be applied for online.

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