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Kiev Cyber Security Jobs

The city of Kiev has been the object of a tug of war between east and west dating back to the days when the Mongols ran roughshod over Asia and Europe. In modern times, Ukraine has been in a struggle with its eastern neighbor, Russia. Ukraine was a Soviet satellite nation until 1991. Today, its eastern-most territory of Crimea has been annexed by Russia. Ukraine remains a country with divided ethnicities and loyalties.

Despite an on-going history of political turmoil, Kiev, the capital of Ukraine enjoys a thriving economy with no signs of slowing down. Its technology sector figures prominently in its economy and Kiev has some of the most talented IT residents in the world. These high-skilled tech workers provide labor not only for businesses within Ukraine, but also as outsourcers for employers the world over.

Professional IT employment opportunities abound in Kiev for Ukrainian nationals. This includes positions with companies both located in Kiev as well as providing services as independent contractors with international clients. Kiev cyber security jobs are numerous within the region due to Eastern Europe being a hotbed of cyber-crime.

Cyber Security Jobs in Kiev

During the 20th century, Kiev was a major industrial area producing armaments for Russia. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Kiev has made the transition to finance and services. Kiev is the center of government, culture, and scientific research for Ukraine and enjoys the highest level of business activity in the country.

Due to its highly diverse economy, Kiev has enjoyed a very low unemployment rate, which is far below the country as a whole. The primary industries in Kiev are utilities, which include gas and electricity production, chemicals, mechanical engineering, and printing and publishing including the reproduction of recorded media.

Kiev is also home to several prominent universities and scientific research institutions. These institutions pump out highly-trained graduates ready to assume diverse technical and engineering roles across all of the industrial sectors within Kiev and Ukraine at large. This large pool of technical talent makes it difficult for expats to compete for positions within the local economy.

Living and Working in Kiev

The city of Kiev has much to offer in the way of culture, historic attractions, and geography. Kiev is a very green city with botanical gardens and many parks both large and small. It’s location along the Dnieper river provides a lush setting with green hills overlooking the river and a series of small islands providing swimming beaches and boating activities.

The climate of Kiev is somewhere between that of Central Europe and the Northern cities of Russia. It can get hot during the summer months and bitterly cold during the winter. If you’re thinking about relocating to Kiev to live and work, then two visits are probably in order: one during the pleasant summer months of late June and early July, and another during the heart of winter so you’re not taken by surprise when things turn dark, icy, and cold.

Visiting Kiev is quite easy for those within the EU as Ukraine did away with tourist visa requirements for EU citizens with an accord in 2005. Obtaining a work visa for Ukraine is involved, but straightforward and will require a job offer from an employer and their participation in the application process. Individuals cannot undertake the visa application process entirely on their own.

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