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Johannesburg Cyber Security Jobs

The only thing that’s certain regarding how the South African city of Johannesburg got its name is that it was named after at least one, if not all three, of its founders who all happened to share the same first name. Regardless of how much of the founding credit should be spread around, Johannesburg began its ascent to its present day glory when gold was discovered on a piece of farmland in the province of Gauteng, South Africa.

Johannesburg has the distinction of being the largest city in the world that is not located on or near a body of water, be it a lake, river, or coastline. And for all its glory, you might find it surprising that Johannesburg is not the capital of South Africa. Cape Town has that particular distinction. In fact, it’s not even among any of the three capital cities of the country, but Johannesburg more than makes up for this seeming snub in a myriad of other areas.

Gold mining has been the principle industry in Johannesburg since it was first discovered in 1884 until its eventual decline during the 1950s. Diamond mining is another mining industry that rose up alongside the Johannesburg gold rush. The decline experienced by both of these industries was due in large part to the troubled history of Apartheid in South Africa with its epicenter located in Johannesburg.

The rapid growth and development of the city that occurred during the early part of the 20th century was followed by a period of decline during the 1980s and 1990s as crime increased within the city. Developers then turned their attention to developing the surrounding, suburban regions. With the overthrow of Apartheid, Johannesburg has emerged as a force to be reckoned with among Africa’s economic centers.

Employment opportunities in Johannesburg are ample and the city has many thriving sectors which include financial and IT sectors. The demand for IT security services is high in the financial sector and a large number Johannesburg cyber security jobs across various industries are available to the right candidates.

Cyber Security Jobs in Johannesburg

In addition to being a major financial and commerce hub, Johannesburg is also home to various manufacturing industries including steel and cement. It has positions in real estate, transportation, media, health care, and retail. Mining, though much less significant now due to dwindling resources, still has a presence outside of the city with mining headquarters located within the city limits. Several major telecommunications operators, particularly of the wireless variety, are based in Johannesburg.

South African citizens have access to the many government jobs available at the ministries and departments based in the city. Citizens as well as expats can find a myriad of professional opportunities across the diverse industry sectors located in Johannesburg. Cyber security jobs in Johannesburg, as in much of the developed and developing world, are on the rise, and it pays rather nicely to be well-trained and certified in this particular IT specialty.

Living and Working in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is fortunate to be located on an elevated plateau, and as such, it enjoys a relatively pleasant climate characterized by lots of sunshine and generally mild temperatures year-round. Its winters tend to be cool and dry and summers a bit on the hot side with a tendency towards afternoon rain showers.

The downtown region consists of a lot of high-rise office buildings and it gets congested with both people and vehicles. Most residents choose to live outside the city in the suburbs of Johannesburg. Relief from all that steel and concrete is provided by a system of green spaces and city parks throughout the city. These spaces provide the perfect spot to take a lunch break in the middle of the workday!

Since Johannesburg has given way to suburban sprawl, transport favors private vehicle ownership. This is made easier by a highly advanced highway system of well-maintained roads. Public transportation is lacking and many residents depend on the informal minibus taxi system when looking to get around within the city.

South Africa has a quota system for granting work visas, and severely limits granting them to those seeking to fill low-skilled positions which are in high-demand by residents. The picture is much brighter for those with in-demand, high-skilled positions seeking to emigrate to South Africa as it is often difficult to find qualified applicants within the country to fill them.

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