Software Developer Job Requirements

What is a Software Developer?

A Software Developer develops, creates, maintains, and writes code new (or modifies existing) computer applications, software, or specialized utility programs.

If you enjoy both the intricate details of technology and being able to still use your creativity, becoming a software developer is a career path that you may want to consider. A software developer works on computer applications, specialized utility programs, and/or other software solutions. Essentially, the software developer is tasked with the important job of developing, creating, writing new code, and modifying existing code to transform a software idea into a tangible reality.

Requirements for Software Developer Job

To be eligible for most software developer job roles, there are first several certifications that you should complete.

  • CompTIA Linux+ – Linux is a software and service delivery platform that is used in everything from super computers to mobile phones. This training will enlighten you on how to handle frequently performed tasks in Linux with proficiency. This includes networking, installing and configuring workstations, working with the Linux command line, and performing basic maintenance.
  • CompTIA Network+ – Obtaining this certification will equip you with the fundamentals to execute and protect a variety of networks. This training is essential if you want to have a wide range of understanding when it comes to working with various network types and technologies.
  • Certified Secure Software Life-cycle Professional – The CSSLP training is another essential certification for aspiring software developers, especially if you want to build up your credentials to further advance your career. This certification course enables you to learn beneficial managerial skills to build and run a software development team efficiently and consistently.

Software Developer Job Information

In a world that relies heavily on technology, there will always be a need for software developers. In fact, the demand for individuals in this role will likely continue to increase, as we are always looking for new technologies to accomplish tasks easier, faster, and more efficiently. But even though we need software developers in nearly every industry, there is no getting around the essential skills and knowledge that are imperative for this role.

Regardless of the industry, there are certain things that every software developer must know. Some of the most important skill sets include:

  • Solid understanding of network security methodologies and computer network concepts
  • Knowledge of cyber security and privacy ethics, laws, policies, principles, and regulations
  • Skills to identify and resolve cyber threats and vulnerabilities
  • Training to evaluate and work with an organization’s enterprise information security architecture
  • Strong understanding of how cyber security lapses can impact a software operation
  • Ability to work with complex data structures
  • Experience working with low-level computer languages
  • Proficiency with software debugging principles, development models, and engineering
  • Ability to implement secure coding techniques
  • Knowledge of the best practices, processes, and standards of supply chain risk management
  • Skills to work with information communication technologies that were created without security or privacy considerations
  • Capability to utilize concepts and functions for an application firewall
  • Ability to work with a variety of network protocols, such as Domain Name System (DNS), Dynamic Host Configuration, and TCP/IP
  • Proficiency with all data security standards, including:
    • Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
    • Payment Card Industry (PCI)
    • Personal Health Information (PHI)

While this is not an exhaustive list of everything a software developer must be able to do, it does demonstrate just how multi-faceted this career path is. You cannot simply take one or two courses and call yourself a software developer. Rather, it takes much training, commitment, and diversification to equip yourself with all the skills necessary to become a qualified and successful software developer.

Software Developer Job Salary

If working as a software developer has peaked your interest, there is still another important piece of information to consider. How much do software developers make? As with most careers, there is a pretty large salary range, and the exact amount you make will depend on your experience level and organization. The salary range for software developers tends to run around $70,000-$90,000.

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