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Jim Hollis

Independent Contractor

I am a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) since January 12, 2006. I hold various certifications such as the CCAP, CIOS, CSCP, CSIS, IPMA-CP, and other various information technology certifications.

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About Jim Hollis

I am a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) since January 12, 2006. I have 26+ years of extensive managerial and leadership experience in the following areas: Risk Management Framework (RMF), Risk Management, Information Technology (IT) Security, Occupational & Construction Safety Management, Safety Management System (SMS), Information Systems Management & Cyber Security, Cyber Security Law and Policy, Cybersecurity Regulatory Compliance, Computer Networking, Human Resources Management and Training & Development.

I hold various certifications such as CompTIA Cloud Admin Professional – CCAP, CompTIA IT Operations Specialist – CIOS, CompTIA Secure Cloud Professional – CSCP, CompTIA Secure Infrastructure Specialist – CSIS, International Public Management Association for Human Resources Senior Certified Professional (IPMA-CP), and various information technology certifications.

I see teaching for Cybrary as a reciprocal relationship between instructors and students. I believe that instructors have duties to their students and that students have duties to their instructors.

I believe that it is my responsibility as an Independent Trainer/Content Creator/Contractor/Author/presenter is to provide students with the following: • an environment conducive to learning • knowledge that will be impactful in achieving life goals • materials, opportunities and feedback that will assist in learning and • assistance with developing and maintaining motivation to be successful academically and with life application

In short, I believe that W.B. Yeats captured the exhilaration of teaching for Cybrary when he wrote: “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” My goal as an Independent Trainer/Contractor/Author/presenter at Cybrary is to ignite in my learners a passion for academic excellence.

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