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Igor Max Fernandes Vieira


I work in Incident Response and I believe that in order to defend, you need to know how to attack!

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About Igor Max Fernandes Vieira

I started my IT Career after I attended a computer maintenance in 90’s. That time the Intel Pentium II was one of the most advanced things and in Brazil, a computer was expensive. That time I made some money fixing computers and building local networks. My hobby was surfing and swimming. After I finished school, I entered university and after few years, I started as trainee in a software company, used to do some programming and helpdesk job.

I quit the job to go to US for an interchange program to improve my English skills. I lived in US for seven months and it was a great experience. My first travel abroad. I returned and graduated in Electrical Engineering, few months after graduation, I joined a company as System Analyst. I like programming, but as a tool to help our jobs. Therefore, I started looking for a job position related to infrastructure. After some months, I moved back to infrastructure, moved from my city Fortaleza to São Paulo, the biggest city in Brazil, and started to work as Network Analyst. This was 2010.

Moving to a bigger city helped me to keep travelling and made me grow up. One thing that I always do is travel to a place that I do not know on my vacation. I think this is important to you know other people, cultures and expand you knowledge. I am still working in the same company. After almost 6 years, I moved to Security team. Now I am working as an incident responder and I love it. There are many challengers of being on the defense side and this makes me motivated.

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