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Develop stronger cybersecurity skills and drive faster, simpler certification
adoption to create a more effective and efficient cybersecurity team.


Leading organizations trust Cybrary

Many companies provide "online training" but in cybersecurity that's not enough. Cybrary for Teams empowers you to uncover skill gaps and equips your team with the cybersecurity skills to stay ahead of emerging threats, trends, and technologies.

of security professionals feel inadequately prepared to defend their organization
of security professionals don't believe their organization provides the right training
of professionals claim their organization is impacted by the security skills shortage

Ensure skills are up-to-date

Diagnose skill gaps to mitigate risk

Leverage targeted assessments and advanced analytics to gain a clear view into your team's skills and pinpoint areas in need of further development. Direct learning content to those that need it the most, regardless of role, function, or experience level.

01 Diagnose Skill Gaps
Personalize skill development

Assign learning paths curated by cybersecurity experts, aligned with industry standards like the NIST Cybersecurity framework and DoD 8140, and tailored to specific roles from SOC Analyst to CISO. Or create custom paths to ensure your team builds the skills to be most effective.

02 Personalize Skill Development
Implement the right approach

Partner with your dedicated Customer Success Manager to build a development strategy to meet your goals and drive results. Ensure seamless implementation and adoption, get recommendations, and track your team's progress.

03 Implement the Right Approach

Build a plan to skill up your team

Put learning into action

Provide the opportunity to put knowledge into action with exercises that simulate real-world scenarios. Enable your team to learn by doing with secure, 100% browser-based virtual labs. Mastering new tools will help your team grow confident in their abilities to perform on the job.

of professionals say hands-on experience is the most important factor in cybersecurity career development
04 Put Learning Into Action05 Put Learning Into Action

Drive meaningful outcomes

01 Earn Certification
Earn certifications

Empower team members to attain industry certifications with courses, labs, and tests tied to key learning objectives.

02 Improve Retention
Improve retention

Provide team members with clarity on how to learn, grow, and advance their career with your organization.

03 Streamline Onboarding
Streamline onboarding

Get new hires up-to-speed quickly with learning paths that equip them with the skills they need to excel in their role.

04 Measure Progress
Measure progress

Monitor skill development over time and make data-driven decisions to maximize your return on investment.

of security professionals are pursuing a security certification or plan to do so
of professionals say its difficult to retain cybersecurity talent
of professionals say they don't have a well-defined career path

Breadth and depth of learning

We put the collective knowledge of the cybersecurity industry's top experts and leading organizations at your fingertips. Our ever-growing network enables us to deliver a myriad of learning opportunities to help your team develop the most in-demand cybersecurity skills.

We've developed several resources to help your team. Take a look!

Instructor-led Courses
Hands-on Virtual Labs
Certification Practice Tests
Targeted Skill Assessments
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