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Learn how to respond to critical threats from real-world adversary groups and the latest vulnerabilities with step-by-step guidance and interactive attack scenarios.
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NEW Threat-Informed Content From Cybersecurity Experts

Cybrary’s Threat Intelligence Group (CTIG) advises our community–and the broader industry–about new threats and TTPs. By tracking threat actors and vulnerabilities, CTIG collaborates with our seasoned instructors to release threat-informed content. New labs and courses are added regularly and are free for a limited time. Don’t miss out - enroll today!

CVE Series Course: Apache Spark (CVE-2022-33891)

The Apache HTTPD vulnerability gives an attacker the ability to enumerate a system and execute commands on the victim system if exploited. Practice exploiting and mitigating the vulnerability in a secure lab environment.

TAC Double Dragon 2022 Cover
Double Trouble with Double Dragon

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) conduct state-sponsored cyberattacks that can radically disrupt global business operations. Launch this campaign to start detecting sophisticated techniques leveraged by APT41, known as 'Double Dragon' because they cause double trouble with both espionage and financially-motivated attacks!

Weekly Challenge: Malware in a Haystack

Take on a Steganography challenge identifying embedded data within an image. Malicious attackers use Steganography for attacks, such as macro-enabled Word documents, to conceal covert communication. The goal is to show how attackers can effortlessly embed data within files to hide their activity. Create a free account to begin the challenge!

Gobble Gobble Challenge

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