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Hong Kong cyber security jobs.

Hong Kong is aptly referred to as “Fragrant Harbor” for the deep, natural harbor whose shores it’s built along. Hong Kong is a special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), and if you’ve seen pictures of Hong Kong, you’ve most likely been taken by its impressive skyline. Its skyline is a testament to how densely populated the city of Hong Kong is with a population of 7.2 million inhabitants of various nationalities. A large population, coupled with limited real estate, has necessitated that Hong Kong expand vertically to accommodate a burgeoning population along with a booming business sector.

Hong Kong Industries

The territory of Hong Kong is a major global trade hub as well as an important financial center that ranks right alongside New York and London. It should come as no surprise then, that demand for IT professionals in general, and cyber security specialists in particular, is very high in Hong Kong. In addition to a booming financial sector, Hong Kong has developed relationships with foreign countries in other sectors such as trade, shipping, communications, tourism, as well as cultural and sports fields. The Hong Kong Stock Exchange and seat of government are also major employers of IT talent. These additional sectors only serve to expand the demand and opportunities for IT and cyber security professionals in the Hong Kong region.

Cyber Security Jobs in Hong Kong

Direct recruitment by banks and other Hong Kong-based financial institutions make up a large portion of the cyber security jobs in the region. There are also foreign companies with a presence in Hong Kong that are hiring IT professionals. Recruiting firms – both locally based as well as foreign – round out the hiring opportunities in Hong Kong. Salaries for Hong Kong Cyber Security jobs start around $40kHK and go up from there.

Hong Kong Work Visa

If you already reside in the Hong Kong region, then you’re all set as preference for employment is given to residents. If you wish to relocate to live and work in Hong Kong, then you’ll need to apply for a work visa. You can do this either yourself or by hiring a firm to handle the paperwork and legwork on your behalf. In many cases, the firm that seeks to hire you will take care of the visa process for you. You may have to leave and re-enter the country if you land a job after arriving in Hong Kong, but with some determination and persistence you can land a job in Hong Kong as a cyber security professional and obtain a Hong Kong work visa. It’s definitely worth it!

Thousands of people in the Hong Kong region are training and learning cyber security with us, and we are working to help prepare the next wave of cyber security professionals in the Hong Kong area, and the rest of Asia.

So get started training, and looking for cyber security jobs in and around Hong Kong!


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