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    Just wondering why LinkedIn isn’t one of the available “share” links on the Course Video Page?

    ie: On each of the course video pages there are social media sharing buttons, click them!
    Facebook share.
    Tweet #cybrary on twitter.
    Earn ONE Cybyte for each share/tweet (daily limit is two Cybytes for each social website).




    I dont think theres a place to do that on linkedin ?



    I think it works like the others pretty much, shadow… newer, so it may not be in every social sharing tool, but, unless its changed this script will add an individual button:

    <script type=”text/javascript” src=”//platform.linkedin.com/in.js”></script><script type=”in/share” data-counter=”top”></script>

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    isn’t linkedin mostly for ITT Tech students and graduates?



    Linkedin is generally used by people of all business professions….

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    It doesn’t matter, i can’t even receive cybytes when sharing on social media.



    Sometimes it seems to be finicky on mine as well-but if its anything like the Email Invites… its on a timed schedule, ie: Its now after Midnight, meaning a new day- but, it wont allow me to invite anyone yet, ( maybe because it hasn’t been 24 hours since I last did it precisely? ) so I have to try again a little later.. seeing I’m not sure what time I actually did it last night. I haven’t tried to figure the whole social network thing out yet… I have noticed it tends to give only one Cybyte for my tweeting, and or sharing, depending on which I do first, and not the other, and as far as the second “per” share? Not seen that happen either..?

    ( UPDATE delmark ) An hour an 10 minutes after tweeting once, and getting 1 Cybyte, and Sharing Facebook once, and NOT getting a Cybyte, I tried Tweeting again and received the second Cybyte… but not for Facebook… I never liked FAKEbook anyway.

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    Cybrary is buggy, I am still not getting my cybytes these past days. I reviewed my logs already, i just got my cybytes through friends invite, login, and posting on forum. Maybe they should come up for a better system or fix bugs.

    I noticed that tweeting with #cybrary works instead of #Cybrary in which the casing maybe an issue? the #Cybrary comes with the video tutorial share.

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    Using adblock? That messes up sharing on sites.


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