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    In the command-line-interface for Linux+ found at https://www.cybrary.it/video/command-line-interface/ the teacher has trouble using the “du” command on one of his files. He states that it works on other linux distros but probably not on ubuntu and this is WRONG. He tries to type the file name, which contains space characters, without using a backslash to escape those characters. This itself is something that should be discussed and taught to the users because from the looks of the video it makes you believe that du doesn’t work on ubuntu and it does and is a very useful command when needing to check file/folder sizes.



    Spoke too soon, I now saw that he went back and demonstrated the command after he changed the file name to not contain spaces



    Yeah, I was pretty upset about that too. I didn’t even start with as much experience with Bash (the Terminal) as I do now, and I even knew the blunder of the teacher; but then again, if the student is able to identify the teacher’s error, that’s a good thing. Nobody’s perfect after all.

    For those tuning in (because this is a public forum), here’s a quick recap:

    The instructor tried putting du File Name, which is wrong. Linux, and in most cases Microsoft’s CMD and Mac OS’s Terminal, interpret most commands with “modifiers” which, as the name implies, changes the way the command functions. du lists by default how many kilobytes make up a file. However, appending du with -h, for example, makes it list files by exact human-readable syntax: Kilobytes (K), Megabytes (M), Gigabytes (G), etc.

    So, for example, du Text.txt can output 14    Text.txt, showing that it in fact, contains 14 Kilobytes of data. However, running it again with du -h Text.txt outputs instead 14K   Text.txt.

    The correct use of a command that is implying to a file that has whitespace (or in English, spaces in its name), is Command [Modifier] 'File Name', using quotes, or by using escape characters, Command [Modifier] File\ Name.

    @tlbsoftware, in the future, however, I politely ask that you watch the whole lesson through before making a post on it. This way, if the instructor regards his/her mistake or explains it further later on in the lesson, you will have all the appropriate information.


    Oops. I went full-out Nerd.

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