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    Proof: https://www.cybrary.it/video/targeting/

    Every video in module 4 and from module 4 onwards when in the Firefox browser say
    Because of it’s privacy settings, this video cannot be played here.”

    This phenomenon is replicated in the Google Chrome Browser. Does anyone know what is causing this?



    Well this is odd, it works in TOR but not in Chrome or Firefox.



    It also seems to work in the Brave browser. As a note for anyone else who encounters this issue, switch browser and see if it works.


    Paul Rouk

    I’ve seen this issue mentioned several times in various messages here. Below are three of the most common suggestions recommended by others here. You probably don’t need to do all three of these — just try each one and then check to see if the videos will play.

    1. If you are using Privacy Badger then disable it for Cybrary.it

    2. Disable Flash Player to force the site to use HTML5 instead as described below:

    How to Uninstall and Disable Flash in Every Web Browser

    3. Turn the Firefox referer to ‘on’ using the steps at the link below:
    https://www.cybrary.it/faq/ (click on the link title “Error: Because of it’s Privacy Settings, this Video Cannot be Played here”)



    No problem with these vids on firefox for me.



    Yup privacy badger
    Using chrome, disabled for site all works now 🙂 ty

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    Thanks Paul Rouks, you saved my day 🙂 !

    Here the issue was caused by the referrer settings, apparently Vimeo trusts this header to allow or deny access to the video, not very good…

    This error seems quite frequent, does anyone know if there is any plan from Cybrary developers to address this? I mean not necessarily avoid the error itself (this is on Vimeo side) but inform new users of the possible workarounds in a directly visible way?

    It is very easy for newcomers quickly checking this website to consider it broken and move off.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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