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    As you all know, we offer badges all over our site for various participation in events, courses completed, and donations in general which can be made on this page. A badge can be bought for a minimum of 5 Cybytes (only $1!), and you can collect however many you want, we have had a total of 177 of them released to this day!

    What’s so fun about our Cybrary badges is not only the colors and pictures, or the fact that they make a nice collection on your profile, but it also shows the progress Cybrary has made throughout the years since our early days 🙂 The size, shape, and everything else about them have changed over time, and will for sure continue to do so with each year.

    Our course of completion badges have always been simple with a color, some lightning, and the name of the course you completed. Some of them has some more advanced and prettier pictures, like Malware Analysis and Intro to Cyber Threat Intelligence.

    Our event badges, such as webinar badges for example, can be collected from attending events listed on this page, if they offer a badge for participating. Cato Networks and Cisco Talos usually offers a nice colorful badge and certificate, along with some CPE’s after the event is over.

    There are however new badges which are always released on the 1st of each month, these are called Monthly Badges, and these along with a few other “off badges” that seem a bit random have more meaning to them than just a pretty picture. Can you all guess what they stand for?! 🙂


    • 3-2015
    • 4-2015
    • 5-2015
    • 6-2015
    • 7-2015
    • 8-2015
    • 9-2015
    • 10-2015
    • 11-2015
    • 12-2015


    • 1-2016
    • 2-2016
    • 3-2016
    • 4-2016
    • 5-2016
    • 6-2016
    • 7-2016
    • 8-2016
    • 9-2016
    • 10-2016
    • 11-2016
    • 12-2016


    • Jan 2017
    • Feb 2017 – The heart represents February as the month of love because of Valentines Day on February 14th. The heart is pixelated because hey, it’s technology and all images are made out of pixels 😉
    • Mar 2017
    • Apr 2017
    • May 2017 – This month Pac-Man was born in Japan in 1980. His original name was Puck Man but was later changed to Pac-Man in an effort to avoid vandalism from people changing the letter P. You can read more about Pac-Man here.
    • Jun 2017
    • Jul 2017
    • Aug 2017 – In 1991 the crew from STS-43 sent the first email from outer space. You can read the email here! For the nostalgic people, there is also an old video included of a floppy disk being ejected in zero gravity.
    • Sep 2017 – In 1982 the first ASCII emoticons, 🙂 and :-(, were sent by Scott Fahlman. You can see the email and learn more about him here.
    • Oct 2017 – Our October badge was made in support of the breast cancer awareness month.
    • Nov 2017 – Atari engineer Allan Alcorn designed and built Pong as a training exercise. It was released in November 1972. You can read more about the game here.
    • Dec 2017 – QuickTime is an extensible multimedia framework developed by Apple Inc. and was released in December 1991. You can read more about the framework here.

    Other random badges lurking around!

    • Tradecraft Tuesday
    • 500k

    How many badges do you have? Do you have any suggestion for upcoming badges? Let us know in a reply!

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    So far, I only have one lonely badge, and that is for ITIL….
    But I plan to earn more.



    You can get at least one badge a month by donating for the monthly badge 🙂


    D. Gruhn

    So far I’ve not collected a badge. It doesn’t seem that worthwhile. Perhaps I’ll change my mind over time.



    I have 11 badges collected. 5 for followed courses, and 6 for monthly badges.
    The cassette player badge for July is a nice one. 🙂



    Having badges for classes I understand… the other stuff, I really dont get.

    Besides, for the love of collecting… 😀



    I agree the badges are cosmetic. They’re pieces of flair for your Profile.

    I agree they exploit the human love of collecting. Another way to look at it is game-ification. Personally, I find game-ified ‘hacks’ useful for motivating myself. I’m a sucker for “winning pixels.” Hey, I’m not proud of it, but I know I can use it to complete a course or start another.

    It’s also a revenue stream for Cybrary. Fair play to them. You have to buy Badges if you don’t want them.

    I notice there’s no Perk for Badges.

    Just my $0.02



    Nothing wrong with the love for winning pixels! But hey if you don’t want to collect them badges, you don’t have to, as mentioned it’s not really adding any value other than motivation and something nice on your profile. I personally think it’s fun because you can see the evolution of Cybrary, and each badge has a story 🙂



    Do the monthly badges disappear after the month is over?




    Nope, you get to keep them forever once you buy them!



    Very cool, I’ll check in to the badges…



    The possibility of collecting badges is great.



    I am truly addicted to complete the Cybrary course and earn my certificates. So far 10 badges including 1 super cool Aug, 2017 badge and I won’t stop…



    I am looking to earn CPE points to sustain my ISC2 credentials for the current year. I am planning to take few learning courses , would that be applicable to be counted as CPE points towards ISC2 yearly certification maintenance requirement?

    Please help if i can use CPE earned from Cybrary courses….


    i have 8 badges,i want more,and i will hope soo to have this month:)


    sorry mistake,14 badges,8skills certs,10course certifield susscefully..and go forward,follow me,put message in inbox and i follow you.Good for everyone!:)
    Tnx to Cybrary,
    Best Regards
    Spasov Stefan(Serbian Hacker,Programmer,Reseacher,Coder,Pentester)
    See yaaaaaa on Black-hat Europe or Cybrary 😉



    My badge is my identity at work!



    There is a theory of thought that incidentals like badges are a great assistance to learning.
    I like them in my learning environment as it is often on line, it allows me to compare with other on-line participants.



    Just be careful if you apply to much “lol” badges to your profiles or job applications. From my experience this is a killer for the job application


    Uladzislau Murashka

    I think badges help motivate but won’t do much with your CV. Still interesting feature during learning process.

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