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    Wanted to make a thread for folks to share what you’re learning either from Cybrary courses or outside experiments. If you find something fascinating share it, if you just want a quick clarification (that may not warrant its own thread) share that too. If you’ve got a project you’re working on that has absolutely nothing to do with IT at all, what the heck, share that as well.



    I’m reading about NIST SP 800-171: Protecting Controlled UnclassifiedInformation in Nonfederal Information Systems and Organizations




    I’m digging deeper into NMAP, it’s something I’ve used for a few years now but have gotten to where I only use a couple scans. NMAP is really powerful and I felt it deserved some brush up.

    On piece that I had forgotten was performing a ping scan (ICMP host discovery) when the target network blocks echo requests (ICMP code 8) can still be accomplished using ICMP codes 13, or 15. These are time stamp requests and netmask request codes and NMAP can use this to bypass firewall which block echo request with the -PP -PM (respectively) switches.


    The Rapture

    That’s good information to know @abrasevo . I will have to remember that for when I encounter it.

    I scheduled my Sec+ (finally) yesterday, and so I will be taking that on the 29th. Then after that I will be studying for the CEH (Again). I missed the CEH by 6% a few months ago, and I suspected that it was because I didn’t really have a good networking foundation. I got my Network+ and have been just reviewing for the Sec+ now for a while. I feel like 3 certs 3 months apart is a pretty ambitious endeavor, but one I am excited to work towards.



    Finished up the Security+ courses.


    Great article about microservices software architecture



    Working on my CCFP certification



    @elementhttp I’ve seen these applications a lot lately and they’re definitely popping up more an more. It seems almost like a front end application of OOP in a way. I didn’t realize this was becoming it’s own programming paradigm. This could potentially change the way future enterprise software is developed by using a single container and just customizing the internal apps associated by job duties and as duties change only a light application change is necessary rather than a software overhaul. Great article and thanks for sharing!



    Watching Security+ Videos



    ruby programming at udemy



    Learned about the NAS, SAN, DAS in cloud+,,,,,
    explained in detail by Justin and also learned about many communication protocols and channels….
    Thanx Cyberary.it because these things are hard to find in detail on many websites,,,,even wikipedia also doesn’t have this ability….



    Going through the security+ course, can’t wait to start the pen testing course. Got into cyber-security 9 months back and now I’m in love with it, the unquenchable thirst for knowledge in this field drives me to eat sleep and breathe security.
    Thanks to CYBRARY, its team and all its helpful members for posting and maintaining this amazing source of information for people with all skill levels and that too free.



    Finishing up CISSP training – I have read quite a few books and gone through 2 boot camps and Kelly Handerhan is by far my favorite instructor for this course. Some trainers go off on tangents, she stays on topic and gives relevant real world examples.



    I’m studying for C.EH and reading 2 books,Black Hat Python and Pratical Malware Analysis 🙂



    Harry Siva

    Working on CompTIA Security + going through lesson Risk related concepts – Excellent



    Learn Python for Security Professionals.



    Learning everything from the beginning and can’t wait to start the pen testing course. Thanks cybrary, such a good website!



    Just completed the CCNA training here on Cybrary – plan on taking my ICND 1 & 2 exams soon to bring my certification current.


    The Rapture

    Keep up the good work everyone!

Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 2,558 total)

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