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    2015 is our chance to start fresh and get the ball rolling on new ideas, habits, and mindset. Our careers are important. We spend more time at work than at home in most cases. For those of us working in SharePoint, what are your goals? What aspects of SharePoint do you wish to grow stronger in?



    To learn something about Yammer.



    I am relatively new to managing Office 365 and the Sharepoint sites have not been utilized as of yet. I would like to use Sharepoint as effectively as possible but of course make sure the hosted data uploaded is very secure.



    Same as bianryShepherds I am trying to use Sharepoint as effectively as possible





    Shalini Patil

    very nice post


    Ivan Slade

    The more I know, the more I want to explore



    I use sharepoint daily at work, lots of things I would love to see added in the future but its already bloated and memory intensive as it is.



    I would like to use Sharepoint as effectively as possible but of course make sure the hosted data uploaded is very secure.



    1) Link web part titles to meaningful locations. Many SharePoint web locations include a default hyperlink for the title. A document library web address, for example, will link to a default library view. However, content editor web parts do not come with automatic, standardized URLs. If you want to display your own list or library, change the location to which the title points and customize your URLs to your own needs.

    2) Use meaningful descriptions for web parts. The description that appears when users hover over a web part title such as “Content Editor” is important. You can edit these default descriptions to match what is actually happening in various parts of your infrastructure.

    3) Place all of your custom types and columns in groups with sort functions at the top. When you create custom columns or content types, you must designate a name for them or SharePoint will place them in the “Custom” group by default. Start the name of the group with a period so that these names always sort to the top of the list. After all, they are the ones you will use most often; shouldn’t they be the easiest to access?

    4) Find easy ways for users to create alerts on new discussions. Users will be much better community members if it is easy for them to handle the discussion boards and other factors that make up your site. Following the site, unfortunately, does not automatically generate an alert every time a new item is added to a discussion. Therefore, you have to make it easy for your users to set up their own alert system. You can do this by creating a “Get an Alert” button that is simple to use.

    5) Deep link a page from Power Point. There is usually a good slide or two from every presentation that sums up important points. Make a permanent link to this slide by using the “deep link” feature. This allows you to link to a specific page rather than the entire presentation.

    Using special tips and tricks makes your SharePoint experience better and ultimately helps your users become better managers of SharePoint as well!



Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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