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    i need a tool by which i can see all the connected devices and the traffic going through them… HTTP and ofcourse HTTPS too ..

    can any one recommend me a good app ?


    Paul Rouk

    There are a lot of good tools to see what devices are on your network. It also depends on what operating system you want to use. Are you wanting to use Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, etc? On Android, the Fing app is a good quick way to see what devices are connected to the same access point. On any computer OS, nmap can do a scan to see what devices show up on the network.

    Seeing the traffic is a completely different story. Depending on your network, Wireshark might do what you want.



    i hv win 10 ..
    wht depends on my network ?
    and how can i see the HTTPS traffic going through it ?
    can linux do wht i want ?
    i want every single site being monitor by me .. wht is accessed through my wifi ..
    🙂 thanks in advance bro


    Paul Rouk

    If you are on a switched Ethernet network, then Wireshark will only see broadcast traffic and traffic intended only for your computer. If you are trying to sniff wifi traffic, then you’ll need to put the network card into monitor mode to be able to see other traffic. Windows can’t be easily put into monitor mode (it depends on your hardware and usually requires extra software). Linux is usually a better choice for wifi sniffing.

    As for HTTPS traffic, since it is encrypted you’ll be able see the network traffic, but won’t be able to see inside of the packets to tell what is actually being sent. Unless you own the endpoint which you are trying to sniff, it will be difficult to break this encryption.



    If you are trying to see all traffic going in and out of your network, there are a few options.
    Without spending a whole lot of money what you could do is buy a managed switch that has the ability to do port span/mirroring and put that in it’s own VLAN on the outside interface of your router. This way you essentially put a man-in-middle between your router and the outside world.

    The other way is to simply buy a dedicated hardware tap and do the same thing.

    But it really depends on what exactly you are trying to accomplish. Some routers also support the ability to do things like Netflow exports(I think DD-WRT supports this..but haven’t used it since school so don’t quote me on that).

    So there are some options for you. Good luck!

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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